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Adult Film Cinema

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Since porn theaters have all been closed up in my home town, this is now just a memory.


I am married but still enjoy the act of sitting alone in a porn palace working my hardon to orgasm while watching a porn film. It is even more exciting when I realize that someone else is enjoying the film as much as I. I would spend my lunch hours enjoying my hardness and letting off excess sexual steam by jerking myself in the theater under the influence of porn kings and queens.

Occassionally, I'd notice the guy behind me making that tell-tale sound of swoosh, swoosh as he jerked his own until it was wet and oozing. It was erotic to turn and see him sitting there with his erection hard as could be, letting me see his hard and wet cock expand and swell until his cum would explode.

There were other times when a guy would sit in front of me and turn to watch my action. Usually, that would get me even more excited and I would 'perform' for him as he whacked himself.

Couples would at times come in to see the porn and it was always exciting to watch them get all sexed up and play with each other. Some couples would sit in the next seat and start to play with each with no inhibition while watching to see if I noticed. It was very erotic and enticing. I was still too shy to actually suggest to these couples that we could all share pleasures.

One lunch hour the theater was fairly crowded and I had to stand in the back of the theater before I could look for a seat. My eyes were slowly becoming accustomed to the dark. While standing there, I began to hear a moan from behind me. I wasn't aware that anyone was behind me until then. It was a couple. The guy was standing behind his girl as she was jerking him while a second guy was off to one side with his hand under her skirt. She was moaning. I immediately became super hard. My hand rubbed down over my swelling cock. The man next to the girl was having his way with her in spite of the fact that at the same time she was jerking the guy behind her who seemed to be her boyfriend.

Then I saw her other hand in the second guy's pants... they were a threesome enjoying mutual masturbation.

I turned to face them. I watched them playing with each other for what seemed like 15 minutes. At one point, the second man suddenly grunted, jerked to attention, and spurt out his load with several thrusts. She slowed her hand for him. He quickly zipped up his pants and left... she was standing there looking at me. My hand began to massage my hardness as I looked at her and her boyfriend.

The boyfriend motioned over to me to come closer. I didn't resist. It all seemed very natural. I reached down and slid my hand under her skirt to discover she had no panties on and was very wet and warm. She began to search down from my belt with her free hand and pulled out my hard cock out of my pants. Her other hand was still behind her back jerking her boyfriend. My knees became weak. Her juices were flowing. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. She was very good at taking me to the edge of cumming, but keeping me there without actually blowing my load. The boyfriend smiled at me as she began to use slow and deliberate strokes on my swollen pulsating cock. Oh, I wished my wife could have been part of this. But by that point, I really didn't care about her or anyone else. This couple had brought me to edge of pleasure and I didnt want it to stop.

I worked her wet pussy with every finger on my left hand, and then switched to both hands as she slid her moist hand up and down my manhood. I could now see the boyfriend's cock in her other hand, slipping and sliding on his 10' cock. It just made me more excited. He kissed her on her neck and she grasped me tighter, and began to pull and push with new vigor. I could feel my balls working overtime brewing up a super load of my explosive white semen.

As he licked her neck she jerked him harder, letting go of my hardon. Suddenly, he came with a tremendous spurt of cum all over her skirt. In unison, I could feel her vagina come alive with spasms. She was cumming with her boyfriend. Moaning and groaning with pleasure. It was too much for me standing there in the rear of a theater sharing this pleasure with this couple.

I was holding onto her vagina for stability and pleasure at the same time. She was pushing her hips onto my hand as she obviously was experiencing a continuing orgasm in unison with her boyfriend. Her hand found my pulsating cock once more and with two more devastating strokes, I came ... all over her skirt. She licked her hands, smiled at me, and then straightened her skirt, turned and left with her boyfriend.

It was a lunchtime I will not soon forget. Too bad the mayor of my hometown has closed all the porn theaters and now there are no more places to share a noontime porn flick with strangers. But he can't take away my memories. Ummmm!



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