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Accidently Seeing My Bestfriend's Parents Have Sex

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My best friend and I met at 7 years old and were both only children. We became brothers fast and explored life growing up together.  We would often time spend the nights at each other's houses and both of us found our parents' porn stash.  His dad had way more VHS tapes than mine, but my dad had some older, really long porns. Often time we would exchange tapes for a week so we could look at other porn than the ones we had. 

One weekend while at his house, I brought a tape from my house and gave him. His parents went across the street to see friends, and he said, "Go grab one. I'll stay on the lookout." I run into his parents' room and start looking at the tapes. We've watched a bunch, so I was looking for titles I hadn't seen yet. Near the bottom of the stack, I see one with no sleeve, and the label was torn. All I could see was My B, torn label then mom. I was intrigued so I grabbed it.  My best friend said he had never seen that one and let him know. I left an hour later and was so excited to watch it that night. 


My parents go to bed about 9pm that night. I give it about 15 minutes to to fall asleep. I insert the tape and get naked and lay in bed ready to watch and jerk off. The title ended up being My Big Ass Mom. Funnily enough my best friend's mom was a ssbbw. I didn't know that term then but do now.  The first scene was a guy's friend spying on his mother getting ready to shower. All of a sudden the tape gets fuzzy. I freak out thinking it is tearing apart in my vhs player. I jump up but before I get there the fuzz disappears and I see the picture come back on. It looks like a POV on a floor, until the camera points forward revealing my best friend's mom, in a nightgown on a bed. My heart is pounding, almost out of my chest.  His parents were like my second parents, so I knew them both great.  His mom, like I said was bigger, blonde hair the biggest breasts I'd ever seen. I can hear his dad talking to her and he walks in front of her at the bed.  



I quickly sit back on my bed.  By the time I and in position my uncut cock is throbbing hard. Being honest I never found her attractive but the fact that I have spent a lot of time with her and call her mom. I was so turned on to see her in bed actually getting ready to have sex. In the scene, dad was wearing, underwear walks over to mom and she starts stroking the outside of his underwear, rubbing his cock. With his arm closest to the camera, he is groping her huge breast. At some point while rubbing her breast, her gown opens up on the other side. Revealing her large skin colored areola and very thick hard nipple. As this happens, mom pulls dad's underpants to the ground  revealing his hard cut cock.  She then began stroking it in front of her face, and while looking up at him slowly takes his cock into her mouth. At this point, I'm in such disbelief that I'm watching this, but so turned on to see the woman I call my mom sucking a cock in front of me. 



As she is sucking his cock, he is pulling her nightgown off of her revealing, both very large breasts. Once she is fully naked, she leans back, revealing her hairy pussy to the camera. As she is sucking dad's cock, he starts to slowly finger her pussy. As he's doing this, I can see my mom's clit and inside her pussy lips. I'm so turned on at this point I have pre cum all over my cock. After about 10 or 15 minutes of this, dad has mom get in her knees facing the camera. She is in doggy style position, exposing her huge ass to the camera. For some reason I am oddly turned on by the discolorment of her thighs. Where they rub against each other when she walks. Dad climbs in next to her and begins to lick her asshole and her pussy. I'm so turned on, but don't want to have an orgasm before the scene is over, so I stop jerking off. I continue watching mom and dad fooling around and can feel my cock throbbing in excitement. As he is looking her ass,  he has his finger deep inside her pussy. I can hear mom, breathing heavy and moaning his name. At some point she tells him faster and he starts fingering her harder. I can see my mom's body start shaking as she cums all over his finger. Dad pulls his finger out and licks it clean. 



She then turned sideway still in doggy. Style with her huge breasts laying on the bed. Dad then goes behind her and start to have doggy style sex. As he penetrates her, she lets out a huge moan. He starts off slow and slowly starts banging her fat ass, harder and harder. As he does, her breasts are bouncing off the bed back and forth. I can't take it any longer. I grab my pre cum soaked cock and start jerking off again. They fuck doggy style for what seemed like forever, but was probably only about 15 minutes. Dad then rolls her over on to her back and puts her legs on his shoulders. I'm so turned on watching my mom's breast bounce back-and-forth. As he penetrates her over and over again. 



The whole time they are having sex mom is moaning so loud it is turning me on. It didn't take long for them in that position. Dad says I'm about to cum, where do you want it? Mom doesn't even respond. She just pushes her huge breasts together. Dad pulls out and kneels over her jerking his cock over her breast and her face. Mom then says, "Cum all over me baby and opens her mouth." I couldn't hold on any longer once those words came out of her mouth and I saw her mouth open. I shoot my load all over the towel in front of me, on to my bed and some even got on the floor. I'm guessing it was the build up and excitement of this. I have never cummed that much, or shot it that far.  As I finish shooting my load, I watched dad. Shoot his load all over her huge breast. Some got on mom's face and in her mouth, and then he stuck his cock In her mouth and she sucked him dry. 



I was so turned on to see the woman. I call my mom so aggressive with a cum and come. I was so turned on from watching that. I had a week with this tape before. I ended up going back to my best friend's house on Friday. I rewound it back to the beginning of their sex and watched them have sex every night that week and jerked off over and over to that scene only. 



When me and my best friend met that Friday, he asked what was on that porn and if it was any good. I told him it was okay but it was filled with bigger girls and I knew he did not like bigger girls so he would never watch it. He knew that I liked bigger girls and said to me put that in a place you know where it is you can borrow at any time. Let me tell you. That was not the last time I borrowed that tape for a week and definitely not the last time I jerked off to his parents. I did end up the next couple of weeks. Grabbing more tapes lower than that. Hoping for another sex scene, but never found one.



My friend never understood why from that weekend on when I would stay the night with him. His mom would walk around in a nightgown, and sometimes her panties would show I would tell him that I was getting hard from looking at her. I get that boys growing up. See their mom naked and often and don't get turned on. I knew that he did not like big girls either, but every time I saw her in a gown plus saw her panties, all I could think about was that sex tape I watched.  I always wondered if they still had sex. And if they did if his mom's pussy was still hairy.




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