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Accidentally Giving Dad A Show

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In the house finally alone, dreaming of the upcoming amazing masturbation session I'm going to have. Then accidentally giving dad a show!  


This happened one afternoon when I was horny, which was every afternoon. I was 14 at the time this happened though.  

I  was in my bedroom and I thought I had the house to myself which was a rare occurance growing up with 2 brothers and a sister, plus my parents.  My dad was suppoed to have been out playing golf and that usually means all day.  What I didn't know or pay attention to was the weather. It had started to rain and I never thought that would mean my dad would come home early. 

As soon as my dad left for golf, I started for the stairs taking off my tee shirt on the way. By the time I was at the top of the stairs, I already had my hands in my pants getting ready to take them off. Walking down the hall to my room I was pulling them down and by the time I was entering my room I was stepping out of them dropping them in the doorway.  I remember thinking "Oh wow, this is going to be amazing and I can stay naked for hours!" Even just thinking that caused my pussy to get even more excited. 

Like a lot of people, and maybe more teenage girls than others, I had a big mirror in my room. I always loved standing in front of my mirror looking at my body in various stages of dress. It was like I was looking at somebody else. I stood there examining my growing breasts, wishing they were bigger like my sister's. A few mintues later, with my pussy now calling for attention, I stripped off my now damp panties and started to do some poses in front of the mirror. Fun stuff, right? 

After looking at myself from pretty much all angles, I needed to get some relief from my ache and started to rub my clit. I was more a clit rubber than inserter back then, but I still liked the feeling of humping something a lot. It's a natural feeling pretty much.  On some occasions though, and thnking back maybe more frequently, I liked having something inside me. 

Not having any toys of my own since I was obvioulsy to young to buy my own, I remembrered my mom has some. I found them not too long before snooping or just looking for something in one of her drawers. That's another story ;).  

So little teenage me in her horniness decided to go to my parents room, and get them.  Being very careful not to cause a distrubance in her things, I found her stash. I brought out this huge cock-shaped dildo tihnking "OMG that's huge" and put it aside. I then pulled out her long purple vibrator with the tulip tip and smiled my naughty smile.  I fully intended to go back to my room to please myself, and I should have. I turned it on, touched it to my clit, and sank down to my knees as the feelings began to throb inside me.  I think I had one of my fastest orgasm ever right then. 

Now recovering, but not too much, I walked back to my room and jumped on my bed, turned on my back and spread my legs with my mom's vibrator already on my clit. Skip ahead a few minutes of pure bliss and I was starting to get to my second orgasm.  Licking my finger to get some flavour I went back and forth inseriting the head in my pussy and then bringing it up and right on my clit for a bit and then back down inside.  My whole body was starting to shake and throb and the pressure was becoming too intense for me so I started to moan and make some noise remembering the house was mine and I could let go. 

Moaning pretty loud and now with the vibrator inside me, I kept at rubbing my clit as this wonderul incredible feeling kept building up and up and up. Finally it was too much and I let out a little squeal raising my bum off my bed trying to catch the whole tidal wave of orgasm.  As I was relaxing my breathing and coming down from my high, I opened my eyes to see my dad standing in a few feet from my doorway and only a few feet away from me. He had this look of "OMG WOW" on his face of shock.  It took my brain a few seconds to realzie the horribe reality that "My dad just saw me cum!" and "Hey stupid, you're stil naked with a vibrator in your pussy." and also "OH SHIT, you're in trouble for snooping"  and many other thoughts.

I screamed "DAD" and that seemed to startle him and also make him realize I knew he was there. He started to apologize saying he heard noises and thought I was sick or something and came in to tell me he was home.  While he was doing this I rolled over trying to hide my pussy and boobs from him as my sheets were all tangled up underneath me. Finally I said "I'm fine. can you leave?" or something like that and he mumbled something about "I can see you're fiine." and turned and left.

I couldn't look my dad in the eyes for about a month after!  

That's all for now and I'll try and edit this later if needed

Hope you liked it.




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