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Accidental Swap At Gloryhole

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One weekend my wife and I went out with her sister and her girlfriend.  We went out to dinner and got drinks.  While at dinner her sister asked if we'd heard of this new adult club that recently opened. We hadn't so the 2 girls started telling us what they heard.  They said there was dancing,  drinks and multiple rooms that included sexual things,  they asked if we were interested and we said yes. 

Her sister's girlfriend at the time wasn't a big drinker so she drove us there.  We got there and it was kind of packed in certain rooms. The "nude" room or clothing-optional room was packed with mostly sausage. Lol. We walked as a group in most areas exploring, my wife, sister and I were drinking along the way.  We breezed past a room labeled glory holes, the girls just giggled. As a man, I was intrigued. Her sister and girlfriend went to the bathroom and we opened the glory hole main door to peek in.  It looked like a maze inside, multiple doors and labels kinda like portapotties. Occupied or vacant.  We shut the door and went to the next bar.  The girls joined us.  After a couple of drinks my wife says I'm horny,  let's try the glory room.  Shocked, I say of course.  She says to me act like you're going to the bathroom but head in and text her the door I'm in and she will go in the one next to it.  She said she would be right there. 


I head there and open the door.  Once the door shuts it is pretty dark so there is a lot of going around to find doors. The first was locked and I could hear a woman moaning. The thought of what was going on made me really horny. It felt like I went one more door down and it was open, so I walked in. There was a very dimmed light on just enough to maybe see the hole on the side.  I text my wife where I am and start exploring. I get a response right back,  ok. I look into the hole and can tell that it was empty. Standing there in anticipation I felt my cock growing hard so I took my shorts off and started rubbing my hard shaved uncut cock. After maybe 5 minutes I hear the door next door shut.  I can hear a giggle and assume it's my wife. 



I get closer to the wall and stick my now throbbing cock in the hole.  I hear a deep breath but then feel a hand start gently touching my cock. The hand went from gently caressing my tip, to stroking my dick. By now I'm really turned on and say put it in your mouth.  I can then feel lips pressing against the tip of my cock. As I'm against the wall, I feel my cock entering her warm mouth. Her mouth felt amazing, but she was doing stuff with her tongue I hadn't felt before. I can feel myself building up, so I pulled my cock out of the hole. I reached my hand in hoping to grope her breasts or touch her pussy.



I can feel breasts in a shirt and take my hand and go up her shirt groping her breasts on the outside of her bra. At some point I can feel the bra gets released and I am groping one of her breasts and pinching her nipples. I wasn't sure if it was just the environment but her breasts didn't feel the same and her nipples seemed slightly thicker than normal. I assumed she was really turned on. 



After a couple of minutes of groping her bare breasts. I reached my hand down and began unbuttoning her jeans. I could feel that she was helping me because at some point, her jeans and panties were pulled all the way down. I slowly rubbed her thighs, making my way to her pussy. My wife prefers not to shave herself, so I'm the one who does the trimming and I usually leave her a neatly trimmed landing strip. I get around her pussy and can feel that her lips are soaking wet. I gently start caressing around the area and notice there's no hair. I was so turned on thinking that she shaved her pussy for me. I couldn't help myself. I whisper as I finger her, I'm so horny. Bend over. I want to feel you. 



I pull my hand out of the hole and stick my cock back in. I feel her ass gently rubbing up against me. I then feel a hand guide my cock into her wet pussy. As I am entering, I let out a deep gasp of air and she lets out a sexual moan. After she slowly bounces back and forth I can feel we're in the groove. And she starts pounding me hard. I can hear her ass smacking against the wall. She's pounding me so hard. I was so turned on in this moment that after about 10 minutes I let her know I'm getting really close to cumming. As I say that, I feel her pull off. Wondering what she's doing, all of a sudden I feel her hand.



She whispers. I have my shirt off. Come on, my face and tits, baby. I couldn't hold back and I exploded.  As I am coming, I hear her saying yes, baby. Yes. I wasn't sure but it sounded like I heard a girl jiggling at the same time, but with the rooms being so flimsy, I thought it may have been next door. After I finish cumming, I pull my cock out of the hole and get dressed.



I walk out and head back to the bar we had just come from. I sit down in order to drink. A couple of minutes later my wife gets to the bar and asks me what happened. She sat in that room the whole time and I never showed up. I say to her, are you kidding me? I just got my dick sucked. I thought it was you. She laughs and says I guess this is your one pass. About twenty minutes later, her sister and girlfriend show up at the bar giggling and laughing. My wife asked them what was so funny. And her sister said they tested out the glory hole room. Her girlfriend said she sucked dick for the first time, then my wife's sister had sex with it, and they both jerked it off and got cum on them. Her sister said the worst part was that as the guy was exploding, her girlfriend was giggling and thought it was funny while her sister swallowed the load that shot into her mouth.  



I never told them or my wife, but I'm pretty sure that I had sex with my sister and her girlfriend that night. What a crazy night.




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