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Accidental Eruption

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(True story- MF)

Though not the very first, one of the first girls that I ever had sex with was actually about two years older than me. I was best friends with her brother while I was in high school. Sometimes when we would manage to get someone to buy us a six pack or two of beer on a Friday Saturday night, we would get a little buzz going and then spend the night together at his house or mine. On those occasions when we would go to his house (by far my favorite option) his older sister Linda would meet us going up the stairs to his bedroom (his parent's bedroom was somewhere downstairs). She would help us up the stairs and actually help us undress down to our underwear and get us into the two twin beds in my friend's bedroom. Of course we really didn't need help getting up those stairs nor did we actually need help undressing. We, or at least I, just thought it was way cool and very sexy that she would do these things for us. Linda always did dote on her little brother.

I honestly don't believe my friend ever had any interest sexually in his sister. We were close enough that he would have admitted it to me if he had been, I think. But I was certainly interested in her! She was in college but came home most weekends as it was only 70 miles or so away She was always a bit of a nerd- very smart and studious and she wore glasses; but not bad looking at all. Her breasts were not large, but neither were they tiny; and she had well proportioned thighs and her ass was soo cute beneath her skirt.

And my gosh, did she look great in jeans when a few of us would go horseback riding! And could she ever ride! She knew no fear. I never considered myself a great equestrian, but I had been riding most of my life. Linda would take jumps that I would never dare to consider! But I am getting away from the subject. My point is that some girls/women just look damned sexy when sitting astride a horse. She was such a girl. I got many a hard-on just looking at her when we rode. That in and of itself could get embarrassing as when we dismounted, my erection was all too visible sometimes. Linda saw it more than once and she would flash me this sort of knowing grin. I always took it to mean that she was saying, " I did that to you didn't I!?!" Many is the time I masturbated just to a mental picture of her as she had looked on any given day when we had gone riding.

But back to the sleepovers I had with her brother. The very first time that we spent the night at his house and had come in sort of soused (we were just barely 17 and I think she had to have been 18 and nearly 19) she had undressed us down to our underwear and put us in bed. I was honestly too snockered to remember if I had a hard-on that night when she did that, but I bet I did. Anyway, from that night on, I made it a point never, I mean NEVER to really get looped when we went out drinking. I wanted to be in full control of all of my faculties...physical as well as mental...when we went home to his house.

And when Linda would put us to bed, I made sure she helped her brother first and then helped me last. I would act just a bit high and sort of drape myself over her and rub against her breasts and make sure she felt my erection against her leg. She always bent down to help me out of my pants and I believe she did so just to get a look at my erection through my underwear.

Very soon after all these sleepovers began, as she would help me into bed, I began to pull her into bed with me and try to kiss her. At first she would make halfhearted efforts to fend me off, but we were really both sort of pretending- me that I was tipsy and she that she was just being a good Samaritan in helping us make it to bed. But soon, she began to let me pull her onto the twin bed with me and we would make out. She was a good kisser and we would make out until our lips were practically numb. She also got to where she would let me touch her through her blouse or dress but she would not let me get a hand beneath her clothing. She would also let me hump her, but she never would touch my penis or let me feel her mound or between her legs. Eventually we would end our sessions and I am pretty sure that she went to her bed feeling as sexually frustrated as I was. Her bedroom was right next to the wall where I slept and I have often wondered if she ever heard me beating off. On many occasions I tried to be fairly loud about it in the hopes that she would.

Anyway, after several weeks of this activity, perhaps maybe even a few months, I finally asked my friend if he would mind if I dated his sister, assuming she would go out with me. Remember, I was still in high school and she was a freshman in college. He had no objection. He said that she had told him that she seldom dated at college, but he also said that she probably wouldn't go out with me, a mere high school kid. I really had my doubts too. Playing around in the privacy of their home was one thing, but a college girl being seen in public with a high school student was something else. Appearances were everything back then, remember?

Anyway, I did ask her out not long after that and somewhat to my surprise, she accepted. I can still remember that we went to a movie though for the life of me I can't remember which one. But who cared! I was on an actual date with Linda, a college girl and the girl who was rapidly becoming the girl of my dreams. That first date was very tame in that we really didn't even make out. Well, that is to say we didn't go parking to make out. When I took her home that night, we did enjoy our first "stand up kiss". We stood at her front door and exchanged a series of wet, sloppy kisses. I didn't touch her breasts with my hands, but I could feel them pressed hard against my chest and, no doubt, Linda felt my erection pressing wantonly somewhere in the vicinity of her mound.

She and I both had a curfew back then of 11:30 and it was almost that time. We were still making out on her front porch and the front porch light turned off and back on several times. We both assumed it was her Dad letting us know that our evening was ended, so she went inside and I went home.

When I got home that night, I was stripping off my clothes before I got in my bedroom good. All I could think about was how horny I was and how badly I wanted to...NEEDED TO...feel her pussy sheathing my cock. I had masturbated to this fantasy many times before, but with no real thought that it might ever happen. But now we were dating and now the possibility seemed more a possibility. So as I stroked myself to one hell of an intense orgasm, my thoughts centered on what it would feel like to actually enter Linda's pussy. I imagined the circumstances any number of different ways- where we would be, how her bush would look, the sounds we might make, how she would smell, how she might or might not help me seat myself inside of her, how she might think that my member compared to other guys she might have been with, how long I could last before I came, and on, and on, and on. And as I continued to stroke myself and as that point of no return arrived, I would arch my back and as I ejaculated high into the air and the ropes of cum would land up on my stomach and chest, I would think almost aloud, "Ahhhhh, Linda, this is all for you!"; or words to that effect as I drifted off to sleep, dick in hand.

And then the next day, Linda's brother, my best friend, called me and told me that he had been the culprit switching the porch light off and on the night before. Ha-ha...big joke...much jocularity...GRRRRRR!

Well, actually his little deception did help in one regard. The next weekend that Linda came home from college, we had another date, and after going to a dance, I made sure that we left early enough to go parking and do our making out in the car. We pretty much began where we had left off when we were laying in bed together in her brother's room. We didn't go much further though except suddenly her naked breasts were no longer off limits. Linda let me not only get my hand inside her blouse and beneath her bra, but she even unbuttoned her blouse as well as unhooked her bra for me. With what little moonlight there was, I could barely see them, but I could tell that her nipples were a bit smallish and puffy and pointy. I feasted on them, as she suckled me like a baby. Hers were not the first nipples I had sampled even at that tender age, but I had had access to few enough that this was memorable enough to become a part of my now nearly nightly fantasy as I would jack off.

This was also the first occasion when I recall being aware of Linda's protruding pubic mound, her camel toe as boys used to refer to that part of the female anatomy back then. I can well remember lying on top of her in the front seat of my mother's automobile. (Car's were huge back then and all of them seemed to have bench seats in the front and back.) Linda would allow me to hump her through our clothing and most amazing of all, she would meet my thrusts with thrusts of her own.

And thus, when I got home that night, another addition to my masturbation fantasy was added- the feel of Linda beneath me as we humped and the tip of my cock would move against the base of her mound, probably somewhere close to the top of her slit and thus in the vicinity of her clit. So many different things to include in my "Linda masturbation fantasy" then... deep, passionate kisses, actually feeling Linda's tits as I cupped her naked flesh now and suckling her hard, puffy nipples, laying between her slightly parted thighs and humping my erection against her sex, and the one somewhat embarrassing occasion when we did this for too long.

That night I totally lost control. I went on for too long dry humping her and actually came fully clothed. This had happened to me once before with another girl. I was embarrassed that time too and the feeling was just as embarrassing this second time. Damn it, I knew I was getting close, but it felt sooo good and I thought I could keep it up just a bit longer. About the time I decided that I could go for just a little longer, my penis and balls betrayed me. I could feel the ejaculation starting up at the base of my urethra and there was nothing I could do at that point. I couldn't have held back for anything. Nature took over and I began to groan with each successive thrust as I humped harder and harder against Linda's clothed slit. It felt as though I would never quit cumming. Mortified though I was that this was happening to me, wave after wave of orgasmic delight racked my body.

You guys will surely recall how back during our youth, when we ejaculated it was almost like the lights went out and we could barely keep our eyes open for a few minutes as we slowly recovered from those powerful teen orgasms. Well, that is what happened to me as I collapsed on top of her and buried my face in Linda's neck. There is no way that she could have mistaken what had happed to me as anything other than just what it was. I recall, to her credit, that Linda said nothing. She just cradled one hand against the back of my head and softly stroked my back with the other. When I finally made a move to sit up, she said something to the effect that, "That certainly must have been a good one!"

I sort of thought that I would not be masturbating that night after such an intense orgasm, but when I got home, and began to rinse out my underwear and clean myself up, I got hard all over again just thinking about the night's events and as I lay in bed later, I relived each precious moment as I stroked myself to yet another climax.

It was not long after "the night of the accidental eruption" that things progressed to the culminating event that you probably have already expected to eventually occur. I am thinking about writing about it, but not sure if I should post it here since WL seems to be primarily about masturbating. But then again, are not these stories here to provide fodder for those private times we all enjoy with our bodies?




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