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A Visit to the Doctor

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I'm a very open person and don't mind talking about sex with anyone, that includes my doctor. When I lived in Chicago, I needed to see the doctor for a required physical that our company tells us to take each year. We can see our own doctors, but we must do a routine health check every year as that helps keep their medical costs down. Seems like a good idea if I was paying the bills. Plus it was the middle of summer and it gave me a reason to have a half-day of work.

I got to the doctor and had a seat in the waiting room. My doctors have always been women. I feel much more comfortable with a woman doctor, so I have always looked for them everywhere live. This doctor was your average mother. She had a nice figure, pleasant appearance and since I like older women somewhat, I found her attractive. We did the usual things. The nurse had me on the scale, took my height and weight and blood pressure. Once in the room I was waiting on the doctor. We went through our normal question session. She asked how my physical fitness was doing. She noted I'd lost weight, which is not an issue as I'm 6'2 and 175, not bad for a 29 year old. She asked about my sex life. She wanted to know if I was having any difficulties, I said none that I know of. She asked if I still masturbate and I told her at least once every day if not twice. She asked about sex and wanted to know if I was performing ok or having any problems. I laughed and said besides not getting it enough. She laughed too and said we all have that same problem. I've been seeing this woman as my doctor for about 5 years, so we are comfortable around each other.

We then get to the disrobing part, which I actually enjoy. She is doing the normal turn and cough, which I do while showcasing a slightly aroused cock. I'm sure she has seen it all before. She then asks if I'm familiar with testicular cancer and I say no. She tells me about it a little bit and then tells me what to do to check myself. Actually, she shows me how to check myself. As a guy, when a woman holds your balls in her hand, it's kind of difficult to not get aroused. So I'm definitely getting turned on even though it's very professional. She then excuses herself and says she will be right back. I figure I have just enough time to do something about the complete erection that I have at that moment. So I begin furiously masturbating. I grab a couple of paper towels from the dispenser above the sink to catch my cum. I really am going to town on myself and at the point of exploding when she walks back into the room.

The room is not huge, so as soon as she walks in, she is standing right in front of me. By that time, it was too late. I began cumming and the very first shot goes right onto her thigh. The rest of the cum drops to the floor and I'm standing there in complete shock but also in pure bliss. I just had a huge orgasm in front of another woman. She looks down at her leg and says, well, other than my husband; no other guy has done that to me in a while. I could barely talk. I was stammering out apologies left and right and without thinking, got onto my knee and started to wipe the cum up off her leg. That only lasted a couple of seconds because as I wiped it off of her, I was sliding my hand up towards the opening of her skirt. I figured I'd better retreat at that point. She finished cleaning up and I quickly wiped the floor. She sat down again to look at my testicles and to talk to me about cancer and said I missed some and wiped the last little bit of cum off my cock with the paper towel.

Unfortunately I moved away from Chicago but I'm headed to my new doctor in January and she will be fun to work with I hope.



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