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A Very Wet Sleepover

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It had been a long time since I had had a sleepover for my birthday, mainly because our house was constantly a mess. This summer, however, the house had been cleaned by the girls in my family, including me. I really wanted to have this sleepover. Even though the house was clean, in the end, I was only allowed to have two friends over and then my sister Maddi could join if I allowed. Of course, my sister was also my best friend even though she was only a year older than me.

The day of the party came and it was 6:00 pm. My two friends, Adriana (who was hispanic) and Victoria arrived together with Victoria's parents. Our parents said hello with her's and they left. We started playing with our dolls and such while Daddy started grilling the shrimp. I thought it was an odd birthday food but I liked shrimp anyways so I went along with it. When we were playing with our dolls, I was the cute young girl, Adriana and Victoria were the equally cute best friends, and Maddi played the handsome young man with the crush on my doll. The young man doll constantly tried to go on a date with the cute girl but he could never seem to let her know that he liked her. Her friends picked up on this and convinced her to go out on a date. The date just so happened to start when supper started so we hopped up to go to the kitchen and eat.

After we finished with the shrimp, we got into the beautiful custom cake made especially for me while I read cards and opened gifts. All of my friends gave me $15 and a beautiful doll to add to my collection. I hugged them all and gave them kisses on the cheek like famous people do and my parents laughed at me. Daddy told us to not get to preoccupied because he was going to make sure the pool was ready and that we should go get dressed in our bathing suits. We all raced to my room to quickly undress and dress. I did not realize this at the time but it was the first time I had seen someone other than my family naked. My sister went to her room though so I didn't see her. We ran through the hallways and then out the sliding glass doors to the deck and jumped right into the pool, one after another. Daddy had lots of toys in the pool so we played with those for a while. Then I left to go get my doll's remote controlled water boat so we could continue our story.

The date was a beautiful boat ride in the middle of the lake. The young girl was very impressed with the man's ability to pick good date locations. They kissed on the boat as the sun began to sink. We pretended they were making out furiously and then we made them undress and skinny-dip. We made them swim around naked for a while and make out in the water and then I got a brilliant idea; I thought it would be cool if we skinny-dipped. I told them that we should do that and they all agreed so we slid our bathing suits off and threw them over the edge. We had no idea if skinny-dipping was frowned upon, at least by my parents but we didn't let it bother us. We swam around in circles and splashed each other and rode down the slide. We even played Marco Polo which was also a lot of fun.

It was getting dark and Daddy came out to tell us to come inside. He saw us naked but it didn't seem to bother him. He did tell us to wrap towels around ourselves while we were inside. Mommy had made us chocolate smoothies to sip on while we dried off. I quickly finished mine and declared that I was going to my room and the last one there had to sleep on the floor. I got up and darted to my room, leaving my towel behind. I rounded the door opening of my room and dived onto my bed. I felt other thuds on the bed seconds later. We all laughed and bounced on the bed and eventually jumped on it. I noticed how we were still naked and I asked why we were still naked. Adriana said who cares and we all laughed and silently agreed that clothes were not necessary for the rest of the night.

We lay on the bed talking about what we did last week, our deepest secrets, and who the cutest boys in school were. All that time, the fan and air conditioning were running so I was getting cold but I didn't want to spoil or nude fun so I buried myself under the covers. The other three climbed under too and huddled together. We held on tight not thinking about anything sexual because we had never been exposed to anything sexual. Something felt weird though, something was lodged into my private area. It wasn't necessarily a pleasing feeling, just an annoying feeling so I moved my hips in hope that I could break free. While I did that though, it did begin to feel good. It was Adriana; she was right across from me holding on tight, but her knee was in my private area. She noticed I my hips were farther away so she moved hers closer and her knee went right back where it was. I tried to grab her leg to move it away but she got tickled and jumped around in the bed a little bit moving her knee all over the place, but not violently. I thought maybe she was doing it on purpose so I tried putting my knee in hers but my knee only went to her lower belly area. Instead, I brought my thigh closer to my chest and used my toes instead. I tried to find her private area with my toes and eventually I got something. I used my big toe mainly. I poked it and rubbed it so hopefully she would get the message. Unfortunately, it was a different message she got.

She opened her eyes and told me to keep on doing that loud enough for everyone to hear. I blushed because Victoria and Maddi looked over Adriana wondering what she could be talking about. I did it anyways and one time my toe got stuck inside of something. I really had no clue what it was stuck in. Adriana made a surprised and slightly pleased face when this happened. Before I could get my toe out, she told me to wiggle it around so I did. Now the other two girls were really interested in what was happening. They pulled the covers and saw my toe in her private area. I realized where my toe was and I immediately stopped. She asked me why I stopped and I told her that my parents told me that I was not supposed to let anyone touch me there unless it was with my future husband. She realized that I thought the rule applied to her too, which she figured it did. Victoria suggested that we get married and that we could be each other's husband. Adriana suggested that we all get married together since it felt so good and we should feel it.

I ran out into the hallway and straight to Daddy to ask him if he would marry all of us. He asked us why we would want to get married. I really wasn't trying to hide the truth but I told him that it was just because. He agreed and looked at me oddly, probably because I was still naked. My daddy was very easygoing so it wasn't too big of a problem. He came into our room and saw the other naked girls and made the same odd face but he nonetheless married us all. In all, there were six ceremonies and we were all wed to each other. Daddy suggested that we get dressed soon and left the room.

We got right to business. Since we were all married, we just went on a furious private area poking spree, touching each other down there. It was all fun and games but it got boring and we stopped. She asked me to do exactly what I was doing earlier. I obliged by sticking my toe into her private part. She still liked it but she asked me to use my finger instead. It was much more convenient for me so I quickly moved myself so I could stick my finger in instead. She repeatedly reminded us how it felt good yet awkward. She asked if I wanted to know what it feels like and I thought sure.

I went from Indian style to spreading my legs out with my arms bracing me behind my back. I opened my legs wider so she could get a full view. She looked around and eventually stuck her finger inside. At first, it felt really odd. I had never touched myself in this way, let alone in this area. She started wiggling her finger around inside of me and it felt much better after a while. There were certain times when she was moving her finger that it felt especially good. Victoria and my sister got in the same positions and started copying us. Maddi was the one with Victoria's finger inside of her. Adriana mentioned how wet it was inside of my private part. She took her finger out and smelled it. I dared her to suck on her finger and she did. She said she had never tasted something that weird. She crawled up towards my face as I leaned back until my shoulders touched the floor. My head thudded against the soft carpet. Her head was right above mine and her hair was dangling and tickling my cheeks. She leaned her head forward and kissed me on the lips. I tried to squirm out of it by moving my head side to side but she just licked my cheeks as they flew by. I asked her why she kissed me and she said that married people kiss. I understood her point and she kissed me again. I felt like doing anything I had never experienced before so I stuck my tongue out and we started making out. I could see out of the corner of my eye Victoria and Maddi were also kissing. Apparently they didn't have the same awkward moment Adriana and I just had.

We continued making out for quite a while because we were more familiar with kissing and how married couples use it to show affection. But, I wanted to get back to the private part touching because it felt really good. I asked her if I could get one of the other girls to do it for me. She said sure and I ushered both Maddi and Victoria over here. I asked Victoria to kiss me and Maddi to touch me down there. They went straight to it. I got on my back and Victoria kinda laid on her stomach at an angle beside me and made out with me while Maddi laid beside me in the opposite direction at an angle and touched me. Maddi had very soft hands and was very gentle and it felt good but in a different way. She was very adventurous though; she nailed all the great spots that felt the best and went deep and I think I even felt her fist inside of me. Poor Adriana was by herself so she joined in by putting her finger inside of both Victoria and Maddi. I don't know how she could reach both of their private parts but she did! I was getting very wet inside of my private part and I soon started to feel like I had to pee. I asked Maddi to stop and she did. I didn't have to pee anymore. I told her to keep on doing it and she did. After a few seconds, I felt like I had to pee again. I didn't understand why I suddenly had to pee but I thought maybe that's what couples do so I let her continue. My hips started shaking and the sensation was feeling better and better the more she touched me there. After a few seconds of this sensational throbbing, my hips buckled relieving this unbelievable feeling. It was the best feeling I had ever had! I stopped making out with Victoria because I was in need of air. They asked me what was wrong and I told them about this feeling I had just had in my private area and, well, the rest of my body too. They listened intensely wondering how they could also get the same feeling. I happily offered my help so I asked Maddi what she did to me so I could do the same to them. First was Maddi since she let me gave me this feeling. She told me to find something somewhat hard and round inside. I found it. She told me to just move my finger around it. Do anything that looks like it might feel good. I did all sorts of things; I pinched it, I poked it, I rubbed it, I punched it with my fist like I thought she did. She said she really liked it when I used my fist so I just kept punching it. She told me to stop punching it specifically, just to punch into the empty space inside her private part. I did that and I could tell she really like that. She kept on moving her hands all up and down her body. At one point her hands would be caressing her chest and another she'd have her finger begging for space inside her private part. Soon, she told me that she felt like she had to pee and I told her to ignore it so I kept going, harder, faster, until her hips buckled too and she laid seemingly lifeless on the floor. It was an awkward pause until she yelled that it was the best feeling ever. We eventually did this for Adriana and Victoria. I did Victoria and she did Adriana. They too agreed that it was the best feeling in the world.

I was tired and it looked like the other girls were too so I suggested we go to the hot tub to soak for the night before we told more secrets while we pretended to go to sleep. We ran in the nude through the hallway again and out the sliding glass doors and I started the hot tub. I turned the bubbles on and fixed the temperature. While I was doing this, I thought about sticking other things inside of my private part, like toys. I noticed the torpedo lying on the concrete so I picked it up and jumped into the hot tub with the rest of the girls. We talked for a while about what we just felt and other secrets. All the while, I was sticking this torpedo inside of my private part. The bad thing was that it was rubbery and rough so it didn't feel all that great. I threw the toy into the pool and it went to the other side very quickly. I surveyed the area for some other toys. I saw this jet sprayer laying on the concrete but on the other side. It had rounded edges and looked like the perfect shape and size to fit inside. I jumped out of the hot tub, ran over to the toy, and brought it back to the hot tub. I sprayed them with it a little bit to have some fun. They went back to what they were talking about and it was go time for me. I stuck it inside of my private part and moved it around. It was slightly uncomfortable but I made it work eventually. I used the jet spraying side in my private part and squirted water inside. It felt so good! I kept doing this for a while. The water massaged my private part which gave me the same satisfaction as before. They noticed my the pleased expression on my face and they asked me what I was doing. I explained the jet sprayer and they were intrigued. I put the sprayer in the middle and they scrambled for it. Adriana got it and immediately stuck it in her private part. We figured it would be a while before anyone else got a turn so we kept talking. I thought about the jets built into the tub so I turned around and put my private part up to the jets. This felt even better because these jets were constant and much more powerful. They noticed what I was doing so they followed suit. It felt so good I just closed my eyes and felt the water rush against this private part. I wasn't expecting this but I had that same feeling as before. My hips buckled and I felt the ultimate sensation. I didn't notice but it happened to Victoria and Maddi at the same time.

We sunk back into the hot tub and sat regularly watching Adriana furiously try to get that same sensation we just had. Unfortunately, she would not have the chance. Before I knew it, someone tapped me on the shoulder and I looked around. It was Daddy. He asked me what we were still doing naked and why were were halfway out of the hot tub with out backsides to the middle. I told him all about what we did since we got married. Like I said, my daddy is a very understanding, patient, calm man and he did not make a big deal out of what we had done. Instead, he instructed us to my room to get dressed right away and he would be there in a few minutes.

We left the hot tub and ran back to my room and we immediately got dressed. We understood the seriousness of the situation so we obeyed is asking. He knocked on the door and I let him in. I didn't see that Adriana wasn't completely dressed yet but neither Daddy nor Adriana cared since he had already seen her naked minutes before. He told us to all sit down on the bed and he prepped a speech. A talk. THE TALK. The thing was, it was very cool. Daddy was very informative and told us all the body parts real names, like vagina and vulva. He told us how we are going to develop breasts whenever our bodies are ready, and that they are also another private part, at least for women. He told us the real names of the sensational feelings we achieved, masturbation and orgasm and how they relate. Then he told us about heterosexual and homosexual sex lives and their differences. He told us how he accepted lesbianism; however, it would be harder for Mommy. He also warned us about underage sex and for my sister and I, incest, although he said with two girls that isn't much of a problem. He then ended by saying that masturbation is something that we should continue to do together even if we choose to be heterosexual but that we must keep this private. He then said that if we choose to masturbate outside or skinny-dip, we should do it at night. He then started talking about bisexual sex lives and how he definitely approves of that even more than homosexuality. We promised him that we would continue our masturbation together, which we still do.

Here is a cool short extension: My next birthday, Daddy gave me a dildo. At first, I thought it was just some random looking thing. Mommy gasped as soon as she saw it and left to the other room with Daddy. I looked at Adriana, Victoria, and Maddi asking them what it was. Maddi told me it was a dildo, just a sex toy in the shape of a penis to masturbate yourself with. She said that she got one soon after last year's birthday party and she wasn't allowed to tell me about it until this year. Adriana's and Victoria's eyes got big, but I brought the dildo to my chest to protect it and let them know I was the only one going to use it.

I went ahead and stuck it straight down my pants and inside my vagina. It was kinda hard to do at first so I unzipped my pants so I could have better access. I didn't realize I was masturbating with a dildo right at the breakfast table so I just kept on going. My mommy walked back in, saw me with my hands under the table, and immediately left the room. Daddy walked in a few seconds later and winked at me. I winked back and we all laughed.

The extension took place just a few days ago so let me catch up on how I am now. None of us still haven't seen a guy naked yet but we see each other naked plenty enough. We masturbate together often and, yes, Maddi and I shared our dildos. My parents also had a baby boy! Too bad he's not close in age!



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