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A Very Happy Birthday

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I just turned 30 this past weekend and had the best weekend and birthday ever. I didn't plan on a doing anything on Saturday and my friend Michelle called me up and asked me to dinner. I have know Michelle for the past 5 years and have wanted to get into her pants since the first day. I was usually her #1 date to things and if she wanted to go to a movie I was her man. Michelle picked me up and we went for sushi and after dinner we talked in the car. She told me she has fallen for this guy she has known for a while and didn't know how to tell him. I looked at her and asked did he know. She says he does, but doesn't. I asked her to tell me about him. When she starts describing him I realized it was me. I looked at Michelle and she is smiling and says how thick I am. I leaned over and kissed her and she tells me we are going to her place. We arrive at Michelle's house and when we opened the door my family and friends yelled out surprise. I was stunned and didn't know what to do and just started to laugh. We drank and ate for a few hours and when people started to leave I started to help clean up with Michelle and thanked her for a wonderful party. She told me she would do anything for her man. I smiled and asked if she meant that. She told me a few months ago she saw the video of her college friend's wedding we attended. As we were dancing we looked so happy together and at the end of the song we kissed. My college friends asked if I was her boyfriend. I told them just a good friends and they all started to tell me she was what I was looking for. I do remember how two of her college friends were asking me about Michelle and I told them we were just good friends. One asked me if I loved her and I told them yes and she didn't know. Michelle told me they said that that night and I have realized over the past few months I do share those feelings. We kissed and continued cleaning up. Once everything was bagged up I took it outside to the garbage pales. I came back in and Michelle was upstairs. I called out for her and she told me she was getting my present. I told she didn't have to. Michelle told me to come up to her room. I walked up the stairs and found Michelle in her room naked with candles lit. I stripped quickly and jumped in her bed. We made out a little and Michelle went down on me. I told her no, but she started to suck me and I changed to yes. I lasted maybe a minute and told her I was ready to cum. She sucked me harder and I squirted down her throat. Michelle came back up and said she had actually wanted to do that for a while. I smiled and thanked her. Then it was my turn. I licked her pussy lips and slowly started to lick her clit. In a minute or two Michelle was bucking and then I felt her body vibrate and she pulled my head into her pussy. Once she let go she said that was amazing and worth it. We fell asleep with her head on my chest. On Sunday we were in bed until 2:00 pm and had sex a few times. Michelle said I was one horny dog. I said when I am with the women I love I sure am. We showered and met a few friends for dinner and one asked when we were moving in. Michelle told them this Saturday.



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