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A Trip To The Doctor

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Masturbating in the doctor's office after a prostate exam

I have been seeing the same doctor for about the last 30 years. She is a few years older then me, petite, hazel eyes, dirty blond hair always a bit messy, dresses a bit frumpy, but in a sexy kind of way. Every year at my physical we start out talking, then she has me sit next to the examining table to check my blood pressure. As she is putting the cuff on me she is brushing breast against me getting me a little excited as I can feel my cock swell a bit. She finished with the BP check, took my blood, and told me to get undressed and put a paper gown on, she would be right back.

I sat on the edge of the table waiting for her, my cock semi erect under the gown. She came back in and had me get on the scale for height and weight, then lay on the table for an ekg. When she was done with the EKG she lifted the gown and felt around in my abdomen, then in my groin. She warned me she was going to touch my genitals as she felt my balls and then pushed back the loose skin around the head of my cock to get a better look.


I think she could tell my cock was beginning to grow a little more as she pulled the gown back down and asked me to sit up and she felt around my neck and armpits and looked in my throat nose and ears.


She asked if I had ever had a prostate exam before and I told her no, she told me to stand on the floor and lean over the table exposing my asshole and balls to her. My cock was now at full attention as I waited. She slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and put some lube on her index finger. She said you might feel some pressure. She took her other hand and used her fingers to spread my cheeks around my asshole and plunged her finger in. I could feel her probing and pressing down on my prostate gland. Making me feel like I was going to either pee or cum. She pulled out her finger and said she was done and handed me a box of tissues to wipe up and she said I could get dresses and she would be back.


I sat up on the end of the table and pulled up my gown. my cock was hard and throbbing and there were little drops of precum oozing from the tip. I could not take it anymore. I pulled the gown back down and reached under and began to stroke my cock, slowly at first then picking up the pace until I exploded, shooting wads of cum onto the inside of the gown. I grabbed a tissue from the box and squeezed the last few drops of cum from my softening cock into it. I wiped myself off, balled up the gown and tissues and tossed them in the garbage and quickly got dressed. I sat in the chair as she came back in the room to wrap up the appointment. As I sat listening to her I noticed a puddle of cum on the paper sheet covering the exam table. She said see you next year and I left as quickly as I could. I wonder what she thought when she went to ready the room for the next patient. Looking forward to my next exam.




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