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A Tricky Conversation with Mum

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About two years Before she got ill and died, which happened very quickly, mum and I had a tricky conversation. 


I was about 15 or 16 I think when I noticed she was looking oddly at me. Just long looks, a weird expression, kind of tight lipped. And there was a tension. Then one day, she said “Becky, I have to ask you this, but are you sexually active?....with a boy?” I wasn’t. At that point not even my fingers or even a tampon had been inside me. Why would she think that? I denied it, of course and asked her why she thought I was. 

Nothing more was said for a few weeks u TIL again, there was that tenseness and actually she was getting quite shitty with me. Again she asked, again I denied it, but this time it immediately exploded into a full scale row. My mum was aLways calm, never got angry, and never swore. That doesn’t mean she was a push over - far from it. If you knew what was good for you, you didn’t mess with her. It’s just that she could do it with force of personality alone. But not this time. “Then why” she yelled, throwing something at me, “do these have sperm in them?” The object she had thrown at me were my panties. 

With an effort, she regained control of herself. “It’s not the first time either. I know the difference between vaginal discharge and super, Becky. I do the laundry, and it’s obvious that you’ve been fucking. “ ‘Fucking?’ My mum using the word ‘fucking’? 

I Assured her I wasn’t, had never....well....not yet. I could tell she didn’t beleive me, but what else could I do? I did tell her that I played with myself, and maybe it was that? Of course she knew the difference between girl cum and sperm. 

For a few days, things were not good at home. Not good at all. Then, I got home from school and found a huge bunch of flowers on my bed and a long apologetic letter from mum. In it, she told me she had discovered the truth, and that I’d be getting another apology later.

That ‘later’ came after dinner with a timid little tap at my door. There stood my brother, red as all hell. He came in sat down and stumbled through an apology. He had been taking my panties....he liked the scent of them. “I just wanted to know what a girl smells like. Some of my friends say how great it is, and well....I don’t have a girlfriend and.....and ....Oh Becky, I’m so sorry.” Poor little bugger! 

How did I feel? Honestly? I felt strong. Empowered. I have something boys wonder about....marvel at, even. There is strength between my legs. Then I saw he was holding back the tears. 

I told him it was ok, that I totally understood. (Actually, I was getting wet as we spoke).i thiught about him standing p, or laying down, smelling my cunny on my panties. So I asked him to tell me what he does. As he told me, I saw his cock bulging under his trousers. “Well...I ....get a pair....and then I turn them inside out so I can see. Then I sniff them while I........and when I cum, I catchit in the panties. I didn’t think mum would ever find out.” 

I asked him if he’d ever seen a pussy, (No) or touched one? (No). It felt so natural to just tans in front of him, reach up under my school skirt and take my knickers off and hold my skirt up for him to see. It also felt natural to take his hand and put it between my legs and give him a guided tour. Fuck, I was wet, though. I mean really wet. When I guided his middle finger to my clit, I could barely breathe. 

Then I pulled his head forward offthe back of the chair and held him against me. “It smells different when it’s the real thing. You can smell fabric conditioner on my panties, but this....this is pure pussy. “

I could see a wet spot on his school trousers and I thought for a moment he may have cum, but instead I made him stand up and get it out. He has a nice cock. I would get to know that cock a lot better in years to come. 

Meanwhile, I picked up my discarded panties and told him I wanted to see. 

I lay back on my bed and played with myself as he walked off into my knickers. It didn’t take either of us long to cum.

Mum? Well, she had a lot of wisdom, my mum. The next day, she told me how she had caught him red handed, and had insisted he apologise to me. She said “it’s more natural than you might think, siblings exploring, and I don’t mind....as long as you don’t go all the way. Ok? No fucking.”

Well, here we are now, years later. Sorry mum. I didn’t take that piece of advice......and I don’t regret it one bit. 

Siblings grow up with one another, there’s a curiosity the moment the girls are separated from the boys. The secrecy is ignited. I would love to know how common some experimentation is, not matter at what level. Ok, so, eventually, I went all the way, but I bet there a lot of people out there who did less.....a little spying maybe? Maybe, like my brother started, smelling their sister’s panties? Maybe even wearing them? It may not have got any further than that, but I’d love to know. 



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