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A Surprise from Tim

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The last thing I was expecting


Tim is my cousin, he is three or four years younger than me. We saw a lot of each other during the years we were growing up when he came to stay with us. He was one of those unusually lovely kids that was never any bother, a joy to have around and a very nice looking boy. He had slightly olive skin and blonde hair.

For some reason there was a gap of nearly a year between his visits when he was around ten and I was about fourteen, so when he arrived at our place after a year of not seeing him I was very suprised at how much he had grown and filled out.

Up until I was eleven or twelve I had not given any thought to sex of any sort at all. However, one of my friends had introduced me to mutual masturbation and after quite a bit of experimenting with other boys my own age I decided I liked boys better than girls!

Prior to this current visit by Tim I had certainly never felt any sexual feelings towards him in the slightest. But this time, because of my own sexual awakening, I looked at him differently. What I saw this time was a boy that was drop dead beautiful with a perfect nature. We got on very well and he seemed to look up to me in every way.

We had to share a room, with Tim sleeping on a mat on the floor and me in a three-quarter sized bed. The first night we were getting ready for bed and Tim undressed completely before putting on his pyjama bottoms. He did not seem bashful at all and in some ways was a bit of an exhibitionist.

His cock was well developed but he didn't have a sign of any pubic hair, I found this VERY appealing. He sat on his mat facing me waiting for me to get undressed, but I felt I wasn't quite as brave as him! I stayed sitting on the edge of the bed so that he couldn't see very much as I took my pants off, I certainly wasn't going to stand up like he had.

Having him so close made me feel aroused because I still had the mental image of his young cock in my mind, but I would never have been game to do or even suggest anything in case he said something to his parents. So I lay there just imagining what he would be like as a masturbating partner.

I'd been lying there for about ten or fifteen minutes when he said he was cold and asked if he could get into bed with me, I couldn't believe my luck! I said 'Sure if you want to.' He climbed in beside me, even though there was a fair bit of spare room, he snuggled up fairly closely to me.

After a while I was pretty sure he was asleep and I just lay there with my heart beating kinda fast because I was all too aware of there being a very cute little cock very close to me. Tim rolled over on his side and at the same time draped his arm over my chest. This was getting better and better, but frustrating because I wasn't about to do anything about it. I just knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep.

As time wore on Tim began to move a bit from time to time, I noticed that every time he moved his hand and arm seemed to move further down my body. Sometimes his hand would give what I presumed was an involuntary jerk and he would end up sort of squeezing my skin. This went on for ages until his hand was right on the elastic of my pyjama pants. He rolled again much closer to me and as he did his elbow landed right on top of my own cock. I could feel it stirring but didn't quite get an erection. As he rolled away his hand rolled over the place where his elbow had just been, the dragging action had also opened the opening at the front of my pyjamas which meant his hand was more or less on my bare cock.

This was driving me nuts and there was nothing I could do this time to stop a full blown erection happening. As my cock grew stiffer I couldn't believe it when his hand closed around it. I lay there unable to move, mainly because I didn't want him to move his hand again, I was liking what I was feeling very much!

Then things began to become clear to me. Tim's hand moved slowly up and down my cock in a very slow but purposeful way. I began to realise that Tim was actually awake and that all of this had been planned. Tim put his head on my chest and continued to rub my very hard cock. After a while he let go and I could feel he was doing something with his own little cock, getting it out apparently. He eased himself up the bed a bit so that his naked cock was resting on my stomach as he put his hand back on my cock. I still didn't react until he let go of me again and took hold of my left hand and brought it down to his cock and let in lie on top of it.

Without warning he simply said quietly 'Come on, get on with it!' So there was no point in pretending anymore, we both knew we were both awake and both horny! I grasped his little dick and rubbed it for him for a while then started to explore him a bit more. I checked out his balls, which seemed full and firm and generally just rubbed him all around that region of his body. He put his fingers into my waistband and started to push down, I raised my butt and helped him slide off my pants, then he removed his own. He then rolled right on top of me, cock to cock and looked into my face and said 'Now that was a nice surprise for you wasn't it?' I took his head in my hands and gave him a kiss on the lips, which he obvioulsy enjoyed as he kissed me back.

I said to him 'Your a bit of a cheeky boy aren't you?' He replied 'Oh, I can be much cheekier than that'. I said 'Oh? Show me.' I took his head in my hands and kissed him full on his mouth. I told him to lie flat on his back and then I rolled on top of him, taking most of my weight on my knees. I took hold of both our cocks in one hand and started rubbing them as one. He lay back and put his hands behind his head. After a few minutes of this I decided I couldn't stand it anymore and slid off him again and got hold of this little Adonis's cock and started wanking him properly. After a couple of minutes his expression started to change, no screaming or bucking as I've read 'elsewhere', but just a reddening of the face as though he was constipated or something and then as he started to climax he slowly eased himself up on an elbow to watch. As he came I could feel the tension in his body, there were no ropes of cum, just the appearance of a little clear liquid on the end of his dick. He lay down slowly and as he did I held his little cock between my thumb and finger and gently flicked the sperm off the end of his shaft. It simply seemed like the logical thing to do at that moment.

We lay in each others arms again for about five minutes before he sat up and said 'Ok, your turn'. With that he began to rub me in a way that had me shooting in less than a minute. Again there were no 'ropes of cum' hitting the ceiling, just a pulsing surge of sperm that went over his fingers, hand and my pubic hairs. After I had finished, he rubbed the end of my now soft dick into my cum and basically made more of a mess than I had! I laughed and told him to go and find some tissues. He cleaned me up, lay down beside me again, and we both went to sleep.

That was the first night of ten nights that we slept together, each one just as fulfilling as the first, and to think I was frightened to do anything to him in case he said anything, all the time he had obviously been planning how HE was going to seduce ME!



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