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A Strange Day in My Life

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When I was growing up, masturbation was something I eased into gently, from idly rubbing my pussy over my panties just because it 'felt nice', to that glorious night when I was 15 when I had my first full-on orgasm. Even so, I was never raunchy, er...dirty or flirty person.

Until that one evening.

I had stayed late at school to catch up with some work and that meant taking the bus home. I hated the bus. You never know who will be on them and sometimes girls can feel really uncomfortable if you know what I mean.

So there I was, sitting right at the back as far away from anyone as I could. I don't know if I was sitting near the engine, but there was a definite rattle/buzz going through my seat. I also had spent most of the day feeling slightly horny so maybe it was that. All I remember is suddenly I was aware of my pussy. As my mind focused on it and the feelings down there I became aware of a sudden welt of moisture. For a moment I thought I had got my period a few days early. Looking round, I reached up my skirt and touched my pussy under my panties. It was not my period. I was soaking wet!

So there I was, sitting on a public bus with my fingers touching my pussy. I made no conscious decision, but I lifted my skirt right up around my waist and spread my legs. I pulled my panties to one side so my pussy was totally exposed and started to finger myself and rub my hard little clitty.

I looked down the bus, and there was a guy sitting three rows ahead of me but on the other side. I looked at him and fantasised about him watching me, getting his cock out, masturbating over me. My orgasm grew deep within me and seconds before it burst over me, the bus stopped, and he got out of his seat. In so doing, he half turned and looked right at me! For a second he stood there as I really went for it. He smiled and mouthed the words 'Cum for me' which I certainly did. For the very first time in my life there was a little jet of something down there. I don't know if I peed or squirted. All I know is that the orgasm was like nothing else I had known until then. It was powerful beyond words, making my whole body convulse.

Since then, no, I have not become an avid public masturbator. But sometimes, very very rarely, I like to have what I call a 'dirty cum' where I will do something like that again.



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