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A Special Show

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This happened when I was 16 and my brother Jerry was 14. Since Mom and Dad both worked it was my job to do the house work and laundry. Jerry would help with the house work and Dad would give him small jobs to do around the house, We didn't mind though, Mom and Dad were great parents and we each received an allowance.

After Mom and Dad left for work I would go shower and then knock on Jerry's door and tell him it was time for him to get up and shower. It wasn't nothing for him to walk around the house in just his under shorts, that was an everyday thing.

I noticed that he started acting a little different, a couple times right after I got into the shower he would knock and say he had to go, he could only see my sillouette but at 14 I guess that was better than nothing. When he finished he would leave the door open just a little bit. At first I didn't think nothing of it, I would pull it shut. I also noticed that he would parade around with a boner on in his under shorts and seemed proud of that.

While doing the laundry one day I saw stains in his under shorts, that's when it hit me, he was leaving the door ajar so he could watch me and jack off. I found this arousing and started to leave my bedroom door open a bit too. When I knew he was watching I would make sure to take my time dressing, shaving my legs, putting lotion on, or whatever to give him a little show. And he would disappear to his room and jack off, sometimes I would listen to him through the closed door. This went on for a few weeks and I really wanted to put on a special show for him but wasn't sure how to go about it. Then I got help from Dad. At the dinner table Dad asked Jerry to clean the weeds from the flower beds around the house the next day. That got me thinking 'how can I put this to good use.'

I left Jerry sleep in, and went about setting up my plan. I was wearing just my bra and panties, I didn't knock on his door I simply walked in, pulled his covers back and said 'time to rise.' I made sure that he was awake and got a good look at me. As he headed for the bathroom I could see he had a big boner on. Now for my plan. I told him that he should wait until after doing the weeding to shower cause it was a dirty job. I also made sure he didn't have enough time to jack off. After we ate he headed outside to start weeding.

I went and opened the windows a couple inches in the bathroom, my bedroom, and his bedroom. Now the hard part, waiting. I was really getting aroused and horny just thinking of what was to come. As he neared the bathroom I went in and jumped in the shower just long enough to get wet. I made a bunch of noise so he would know I was in there. In no time he was peeking in. I made sure he could see everything, I usually shave my legs while sitting in the tub but today was special. I stood there with one leg resting on the tub and started to shave, knowing he was getting a good view, then I did the other. I'm not sure why but I took a seat on the toilet and shaved my pussy, I had never done that before. I was so horny, I grabbed my panties and started to play with my now bald pussy, I heard a noise outside and noticed that Jerry was leaving. As much as I hated to I quickly went to my room and put on sweat pants and top.

Just as I got to the front door Jerry came rushing in saying 'he had to go real bad.' I raced out and went straight to the bathroom window. Jerry already had his pants off and was jacking his cock, it seemed bigger now then it did when he walked around the house. He stopped long enough to pick up my panties. He held them to his nose and continued to jack off. I'm not sure where he learnt to do that but it was hot. I never saw a boy shoot before, in fact I never saw cum except for the stains in Jerry's shorts. Jerry would jack for awhile then stop and play with his balls, then he would jack, he continued this for like 10 minutes, then he started to jack off really fast, and I watched as he pulled the skin back real tight and shoot cum into my panties, he seemed to be milking it until he went soft. I couldn't believe how much difference there was when he was hard to being soft.

I knew I had to finish what I started earlier, I was so horny. I went to the bathroom and heard that Jerry was in the shower, I knocked and told him I was getting the dirty clothing to wash. I really wanted my 'soiled panties.' I gathered the things up and left the room. Once inside my bedroom I examined my panties, playing with the cum, I noticed that his under shorts had a big wet spot on them, I thought he might have cum while outside but found out later that was pre-cum, I had one of the best times Jilling that day, more than once I might add.

To be continued if you would like to hear more, let me know!!!



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