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A Shower With My MIL

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I just read one of the comments about an experience a young woman had with her mother-in-law. That prompted me to share my MIL story which is not as interesting but still worth telling.

Shortly after I was married my new MIL invited me to play tennis with her at a golf and tennis club where she is a member. We went on an early Monday morning so hardly anyone was there. We had the courts to ourselves except for one other group. Caroline had told me to bring a change of clothing since the club had shower facilities.

After a little over an hour of playing we decided to call it quits. We headed into the clubhouse and to the women's shower facility. I wasn't hesitant about being naked in front of Caroline because I have a pretty good figure and I'm proud of it. Caroline is also in good shape with a nice figure but a little on the plump side. As we showered I noticed that Caroline checked me out more than once and twice I saw her looking at my bald pussy. She is real hairy.

After a couple of minutes Caroline asked me if I would like her to wash my back. I said sure. I really didn't think of it as any big deal. She stood behind me and started with a bar of soap and her hands. She began at my neck and slowly washed my upper and then my lower back. The feeling of her nails on my skin was nice and very relaxing. She reached the very bottom of my back and I figured she was done. I said, "thanks, I'll do you if you want." Caroline said she wasn't finished yet. I then felt her hands on my butt cheeks. I was about to tell her that that was enough but then I decided to see where she wanted to take this. She rubbed her soapy hands repeatedly over my cheeks and then I felt her hands moving up on the outside of my hips and up each side of my belly.

At this point I didn't encourage her nor did I discourage her, I just stood still with my arms to my sides. It wasn't long before I felt her hands caressing the outside of both breasts. I have to admit that I was now becoming quite aroused and I was enjoying the attention I was getting. Also, I had never been touched by a woman before. Caroline's hands then moved to the front and she was now rubbing her hands over my tits and nipples. I continued to stay still.

She then took a nipple in each hand and began to play with them. Not a word was said by either of us. I then spread my legs a bit and Caroline immediately got the hint. In a few seconds her hand was between my legs and she was squeezing my vulva. She kept gently squeezing it and I finally said, "use your finger." I spread even more and felt her finger enter me. While she pumped her finger in and out of me from behind, I started massaging my clit from the front. It didn't take very long for me to cum. Caroline knew I had cum and she asked if she should stop. I told her to do it for a little longer. I just enjoyed the feeling of her finger moving in and out of me. She continued this for maybe a minute and then I told her to stop.

Caroline then asked me to please do her. I thought that was only fair and I began rubbing her back. As I started to move down I heard the sound of a locker door slamming shut. I stepped to the side to my own shower head and just then four women came in for a shower. I turned to Caroline and said, "later." We both left the room and changed into our street clothes and went our separate ways. Before entering our cars I told Caroline that I would make it up to her sometime if she wanted. Her response was, "I very much want it."

About two weeks later I did make it up to her but that's another story. At that time we also decided that considering our relationship it would not be a good idea to have further sexual experiences with each other and we haven't although Caroline has asked me several times to get together just one more time.

I almost forgot, when I met with Caroline later her pussy was totally bare. A plump, bare pussy looks so nice. I complimented her on her pretty pussy and I could tell that she was really pleased.

Since that time I have enjoyed sex with several other women. I have no intention of sharing this information with either my husband or Caroline.

I only wish that I had discovered the pleasures of having sex with a woman a little sooner like when I was around seventeen.



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