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A Short History of Wanking - Part 2

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, moving on.


My sister and I continued our innocent explorations of each others bodies over a few months. When I say innocent, nothing beyond touching and exploring happened, but I for one enjoyed the sensations it gave me. I played with my cock occasionally but only to a point where the intensity of the feeling was too much and I had to stop.

Things changed in my early teens as I was sent away to school. Now, being taken from an innocent family background and being thrust into a boys boarding school was like ending up on a another planet. I was now sharing my life with 20+ boys of similar age. These are boys who have hormones coming out of their ears and cocks that seem to be the most important thing in their life. You soon learn to live breathe and sleep with all this. Now, my background may have been relatively quiet and innocent but I was now in another world where conversation revolved around wanking, furtive looks at smuggled photos from magazines and stories to make your hair curl.

At my previous school, sport was very much a 'do it if you want' activity. Here it was in the curriculum and was taken seriously. I mention this because taking a communal shower was a real novelty to me. Showering was mandatory, full stop! Matron said so! So this new experience gave me my first view of other boys cocks! What an assortment. At that age boys are all at very different points of development so there were longish cock, short cocks and tiny cocks. Some were slightly hairy and some bald. I fitted into the short bald category at this time, certainly when limp. The funny thing was you very rarely saw erect cocks. We would sometimes stand around in circles after football and compare cocks. Occasionally you might see signs of slight erections in that they pointed out rather than down.

On my first holiday back home my sister wanted to know all about it. Obviously I had loads to tell mostly about guys I had met and things we got up to. One night we got to talking about cocks and I was telling her all about the various sizes and shapes I had seen. At this time she said our innocent sessions had to stop, she had started her periods and over the time I was away she had grown up a bit and so had I and we agreed it was probably best not to play these 'games' any more.

While I was at home I went down one weekend to one of my old mates to catch up on things. We had known each other for years spent a lot of time messing about often talking about girls. Anyhow, when I got to his house he asked me in saying his parents were out for the day and we had the place to ourselves. We had a coffee and messed about on his guitar all morning. His mother had left some food for lunch so we went into the dining room around midday.

We had a quick lunch and then with a strange look on his face he said he had something to show me. From a cupboard behind him he got out an old tatty brown envelope. Inside this was a magazine like I have never seen before. Apart from my sister's pussy I had only ever seen old black and white photos of 'naked' women that showed nothing really apart from tits. This magazine was hot! In full colour, it contained photos of men and women engaged in all sorts of sex acts. The effect on me and my body was instant. I felt my face flush and my cock swell uncomfortably in my pants. The shots of wide open pussy and huge erect cocks were eye-popping.

I shifted uncomfortably and tried to adjust my cock in my pants. My friend noticed this even though we were still sat at the table. His hand was also under the table sorting out his pants. To me he appeared to be rubbing the outside of his pants in an up and down motion. There would be an occasional groan and his eyes would shut slightly. I asked if he was alright. He said he was fine, just fine. He asked if I wanked very much, which took me by surprise. He was about a year older than me and was telling me that since he found out he could cum he wanked virtually every day. Now, at this time I still had not cum as he put it but still got very intense feelings. I told him this and he then surprised me further by asking if I would like to see him cum. OK I said as he was getting his cock out of his pants. He said for me to get mine out as well which I happily did. As I said, we were still sat at the table looking at these amazing photos. I was absolutely rock hard and having my erect cock out in front of my best mate felt weird. It was still hidden from him under the table top but when I looked across the table what I saw rooted me to the spot. Above the edge of the table was this shiny purple mushroom poking up from between his legs. God, how big is that! I said that even though at school I had now seen many cocks I had never seen anything like that. He stood up slightly and he had his fist around the base with at least enough room for another fist above it. It must have been more than eight inches. I stood up and showed him mine and said it was unfair that only had something four and a half inches long. His was not much thicker than mine, mine has always been quite thick and even now it is the same in circumference as it is long. He knew I had not yet cum and he said that as soon as you start to cum and wanked regularly it would grow! And I believed him!!

He was still rubbing it up and down slowly and the head seemed to be getting darker and bigger. Without realising it I was rubbing my cock up and down furiously desperate to try and cum. He looked at me as I couldn't take my eyes off his cock and then said I could touch it if I wanted. I thought for less than a second and said yes please, could I.

I am not gay (nor is my friend) but the opportunity was too good to miss. I had never touched another cock up to that point and I would never touch another one again. I reached out and touched to top, he shuddered and groaned at this and said to be careful. 'It may be bigger than yours but it is just as sensitive'. He stopped stroking and he allowed me to grasp the shaft just below the knob. It was very warm, rock hard in a slightly flexible way and felt very alive in my hand. I slowly moved my loosely grasped fist up and then down, he groaned out load. My own cock was twitching in sympathy and when he saw this he reached out and very gently held it. He was only the second person, other than myself, to hold my rock hard cock, just him and my sister. There we were standing side by side next to the dining table holding each other's cock. I continued to move my hand slowly up and down this 'monster'. My gaze kept going from the photos on the table to his great cock. My cheeks and face were glowing and I was aware of my heart thumping in my chest. My breathing had speeded up. As I rubbed his cock he said to keep going and make him cum. My excitement went up another level and I could feel his cock starting to throb in my hand. His groaning had changed to gasps. He started to slightly thrust his hips to meet my hand. Barely able to speak he said he was about to cum.

Then everything went wild. I felt his cock suddenly swell in my hand and he let out a huge sigh as his hip thrust right forward. I felt the muscle in my hand give a great pull up as a small jet of white liquid shot out of the tip on to the table. A fraction of a second later and another huge surge of his hips and a second, this time huge, jet of white liquid literally flew out his cock completely missing the table and landing on the chair I was sitting on earlier. The power of his cock was making it difficult to hold on but I kept stroking gently. After 5 or 6 six more spurts in diminishing intensity had landed on the table his cock was slowly beginning to soften and was very wet and slippery with his cum.

I was still sliding my now lubricated hand up and down. This felt even better and after a minute or so I felt his cock was starting to stiffen again. I took my hand off and was about to wipe it on my pants when he said 'don't stop, I want to cum again'. I didn't need asking again and started the long stroking of his slippery cock again. I was bit more bold this time and grasped with a firmer grip and wanked him a bit faster. Again he started to gasp and as I thought he was about to cum again I gently grasped his balls with my other hand. The effect was instant. He gasped loudly as I slowly massaged his balls and ran my index finger along the ridge behind the sack. He was now facing me and without any warning I felt his balls move in my hand, I felt the muscles behind his sack tense, I felt his cock swell even bigger again as he let let fly a huge stream of spunk straight at me. He twitched and squirted several more dollops of hot white liquid on me. The first stream hit me on the chest and rest went on my stomach and loads even went on my cock. My cock was covered in his spunk!! By now he was exhausted and his cock softened quite quickly. Oh my god I thought, I have this to look forward to. I couldn't wait, and it wouldn't be long! We never repeated this and as I said I never touched another cock again. There are times, if I am perfectly honest, that I would like to do this again. Maybe one day.

Back to school was a shock and my first cum was only just around the corner........



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