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A Shocking Good Time

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I had just got my driver's license and was out on my very first car date. And a shocking date it turned out to be!


I'm now 24. I was told about Solo Touch a month ago and have been reading the accounts people write in. I think it is now my turn. It is for real.

I was 16 and had just gotten my driver's license. I had met this girl at school and I started calling her on the phone. Finally, I asked her out. We were going to take in a movie and it was for Friday evening. I was in the family car and I picked her up at 7. We went to the movie and then to a place to get a soft drink. It still wasn't time to take her home so we drove around awhile. This was when things happened that really shocked the heck out of me.

She was setting next to me and I felt her put her hand on my right thigh. At first I didn't think anything about it other than it sure felt good with this girl's hand on me there. A minute later, she started moving her hand up my leg. The higher she got, the more excited I became. I soon ended up with an erection. Then, she did it. She moved her hand on top of my erection rubbing on it! I was in shock but at the same time was sure enjoying the feelings I was having. I'd never done anything sexual with a girl before and here I was with this pretty girl's hand on my erect penis. She then looked at me and ask "Feel good"? I said "Yes".

She then ask "Want me to play with it a little"? There was no way I could say no as good as her hand felt touching me there. So, I said "If you want to". She then pulled down my zipper and reached into my pants and pulled out my penis. I asked her how she knew so much about this and she said "I've got two big brothers, remember". It was pretty obvious that her and her brothers had been misbehaving themselves when they were home alone. But, here I was benefiting from there misbehaving with each other. She then got in her purse and pulled out a hand full of tissue paper. She then went to working on the hand job she was giving to me and it felt so good having a girl do this to me. I didn't last but maybe twenty seconds, I was so aroused. And, she knew I was about to come and had the tissue paper right there to catch the semen and I certainly gave it to her.

I took her home and first thing I did was to ask her out again. After this, I was in love and wanted more! She said yes and I could hardly wait until that next Friday night. And, on that second date, I too got to see and feel hers, if you know what I mean. But, this is another story.



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