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A Relaxing Evening

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A story of my wife and I and how we relieve stress, naked, in our back yard. This is as much a sex story as a love story, we both continue to find enjoyment in each other's pleasure and each of our displays of sexual release.


I realize that we all have differing ideas of what is sexy, what turns us on. My wife and I have been social nudists for over 16 years. Being naked when appropriate is no big issue for either of us as long as the circumstances are appropriate. This outlook extends to our property, ours is somewhat isolated with the closest neighbor more than 100 yards away. In addition to being nudists we are also campers, outdoor people, tents, trailers, RVers, etc.

One of the wifes joys in life is a relaxing evening around a campfire. This is an experience we share in our nudist circles and in our personal lives at home. We routinely pull up a chair or lounger in the backyard after starting a campfire; it is a simple stone lined fire ring. Trees above us provide a canopy of seclusion and the fence and tree line surrounding the property add to the feeling of an island oasis. Add to the mix a bottle or two of vino and we are totally relaxed. When home this is a customary weekend or even a week day evening setting.

I will usually keep a pair of shorts on till the sun sets, people do walk the acreage behind our property, it is rural farmland. My wife will usually sport a tank top and shorts; I still continue to envy and appreciate her breasts moving freely, with the occasional nipples protruding in her tank. I kid her, telling her that her nipples are her unspoken way of saying, I love you. My occasional erection is less evident, but it is my reply to her. We have a wooden lounger, cypress or eucalyptus or some exotic wood, the back adjusts from flat to upright, that we often sit on it together. She is facing me, her back resting against the lounge backrest. I am positioned at the end, my legs straddling the flat portion of the lounger, facing her. She has her legs spread also, feet on the ground.

We sip our wine, I smoke so there is the occasional smell of tobacco mixing with the wood fire aroma. She will eventually, without suggestion remove her tee or tank top, her breasts lay on her chest, light from the fire reflecting off of those wonderful orbs. This causes me to remove my shorts; its an almost automatic response. My cock is usually stiff, a chubby by most standards, not fully erect. Age and wine have a way of prolonging my arousal, or maybe I should say preventing my complete arousal. It is a condition easily remedied, a hand, a tongue quickly reminds my sex organ of its appropriate condition.

I am usually the one that begins our little self love ritual, I will begin to stroke my cock; its a gentle affirmation that I love my cock; its also a visual image that she enjoys. In short order she has removed her shorts, after work clothes come off underwear or panties are taboo. Her pussy, maybe with some trimmed hair or perhaps shaved, depending on this weeks grooming greets my eyes. Her hand, her finger finds her slit almost immediately. We share an uncanny ability, maybe it is from our years of mutual masturbation, I tend to think our libidos simply feed off of each other, to bring ourselves to a mutual climax simultaneously. It might not be exactly at the same time, but if one of us cums the other will surely follow within seconds.

Her fingers become more desperate, circling her clit, alternating between rubbing up and down her slit, pulling moisture from her fuck hole up to her lips. Her inner lips are always prominent, they protrude from her outer lips, and it is something that she is always conscious of. I tell her it is no big deal, she feels exposing her inner lips is an unwanted display of her sex. I guess even after 16 years of displaying those gorgeous lips she is still sensitive to the issue. Her clit when aroused is both highly sensitive but also clearly evident.

My cock is now in full glory, the head is swollen, the normally loose flesh under the head is stretched completely and my balls are bouncing as I apply full strokes to the length of my cock. Our eyes are pretty much locked on each others sex, my hips are starting to move, moans are leaving her breath along with her heightened breathing, and we are both getting close. I particularly like it when I reach my orgasm, my climax first, as I will stand, legs tense and shoot my cum on her breasts. They are heaving, the nipples are hard, the flush on her chest is evident, her neck muscles are strained, her crotch has begun to retreat as her fingers continue to dig at her wet slit and her knob.

Her convulsions mask my cry as my cum splatters her breasts, covering her nipples, some of the later loads depositing gobs of semen on her stomach and amongst her public hair. Depending on my load, these are white, translucent globs, or sometimes the liquid content is excessive and my cum quickly trails in rivulets across her abdomen. In either case, after empting my balls I will bend down to immerse my tongue in those silky globs captured on her breasts. Any cum contained on her nipples will be captured before it has an opportunity to flow or drip away, the fire of her nipples and the warmth of my seed make a wonderful exotic combination. She will often provide a further cleanup service by inhaling my still rigid cock, a quick swirl of the head and a throating of my shaft will render me clean.

Both of us settle back in to our respective seats on the lounge and reach for our wine glasses. Love, bliss and complete relaxation, the worries and stresses of the day melted into her groin and mine emptied onto her breasts. Life is good!



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