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A Purge of a Different Kind

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What was supposed to be an innocent trip to the movie theater turned out to be much more.


This story is about my first (semi) public sex encounter with my boyfriend.

Both my boyfriend and I are not very experienced in the sexual area. I was his first serious girlfriend, and was his first in everything but kissing. I had one serious relationship prior to him, but the aforementioned relationship never really went farther then the occasional blow job here and there. However, I would say that this prior relationship helped me discover my more deviant, sexual self. I discovered masturbation around this time, and I found myself daydreaming about what I would do to my boyfriend that weekend more often than I cared to admit.

My boyfriend is fairly shy, especially when it comes to sex, but this weekend he flaunted his hidden dirty capabilities.

It all started with an afternoon outing to see the new horror film, The Purge. We were both excited to get an afternoon together, being just fresh out of a fight. We got into the theater for a 2:35 movie, only to find that we were the only ones in the room. We sat in our seats and the movie soon began. He put his arm around me and we snuggled through the movie. During a lapse in action, we started to make out, which quickly turned steamy. I felt his warm tongue slithering on mine, and I felt the familiar throbbing in my panties. I wasn't sure if he wanted to take that route however, so I slid my tongue out of his mouth and winked, sliding back into my seat. He smiled a little, and we continued watching the movie.

He had been rubbing my side throughout the movie, however I felt his fingers traveling and teasing, from my slightly exposed hipbone, to just barely below the button of my jeans, to the top of my left thigh. Was he just touching me lovingly, or trying to get me hot? Whatever he was trying to pull, it was working. I squirmed at the thought of him rubbing my clit, and I slowly and nonchalantly uncrossed my legs, parting them just in case he wanted to take the invitation. Slowly but surely, he continued rubbing up and down my thigh, teasing at the belt line of my jeans. Yet, he was still making it unclear whether or not he wanted to do what I desperately wanted by this point.

Surely enough, his fingers moved between my legs, slowly massaging me through the outside of my jeans. I parted my legs a little more, already caught up in the spell he was casting. Just when I wanted, he moved to my button, and slipped his hand inside my jeans. Then I felt him jump and quickly zip me back up. "What happened?" I asked. "The movie's over," he laughed. Too bad we missed the last half an hour.

He looked at his phone, and showed that it was only four o'clock. We still had another hour and a half to kill before we had to end our date, and he had to umpire a baseball game. We sat talking for what seemed like only a few minutes, then were startled by the lights going out once more. The movie had started again, and we were still the lone couple in the theater. He gave me a deviant smile, and leaned into me again. We started another make out which soon turned hot and heavy, and he reached for the buttons on my shirt. Seconds after my shirt was fully unbuttoned, we heard faint chatter and the opening of the door. We both sunk into our chairs, and I covered up my chest. A family of five walked down the aisle, plopping into chairs several rows in front of us. Soon after two more couples arrived, sitting almost directly in the front.

Seemingly, the chance of a quick fingering slipped away. But, just as my fantasies were accepted as impossible, I felt my boyfriend's arm around me, and his hand moving with speed towards my thighs. I looked at him with surprise, and his free hand moved to his mouth, reminding me to stay quiet. I tend to moan pretty loudly, and this was one circumstance where I had to keep my mouth shut.

His fingers slowly massaged my inner thighs, and teased at my belt line once more. I abandoned all lady-like tendencies and spread my legs wide, inviting him to use me however he wanted. He massaged my clit outside my jeans, in small circular motions. I closed my eyes and leaned back, letting him do his work. He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and slid his hand in, thankful to be uninterrupted. I was already soaking wet when he got to my lace panties, but it took all my strength not to scream out when he touched me. Even through my panties, his fingers hit me just the way I wanted them to. Stroking and circling, I was so close to cumming, but willed myself not to. He had sure gotten good at this since we first started dating. He finally slipped his hand under my panties, and parted my pussy lips to play with my clit. He tickled it and traced patterns over it, all while still keeping his eyes on the screen, to avoid suspicion. I bucked my hips, already at the brink. He slowed down, then sped up and rubbed my pussy even harder. Almost too hard, but I was too turned on to care. I held onto his leg with all my strengh, trying not to scream out. Before I knew it, I was hit with a wall of pleasure, shaking and panting, just quiet enough to get by. The movie soon ended, and I didn't have time in the movie to get to his burning hard on he had obtained by then. However, that would change once we got to his car.



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