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A Nurse's Touch

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Believe it or not.....this actually happened to me!


Most of you know what a physical is. In my case, I am required to submit to this check-up in order to play basketball for the college I am enrolled at. I have been getting physicals since I first began playing sports in high school. Basically all you do is go in get your blood pressure checked, your eyes examined, your ears examined, etc. One of the things the nurse does is examine your penis and scrotum area. This can be particularly embarrassing if you have an erection, thankfully it had never happened to me yet.

However, this is how it all happened:
It was coming up on that time again for me to get my yearly physical. So like the rest of the athletes, I went to the campus hospital/nursing school to sign up for an appointment. Finally it was time for me to get my check-up. It wasn't like I had been looking forward to or fearing this, it was just something normal. That is until I saw the nurse. Usually they are not attractive or too old, but this girl was about 22-25 years old. She was sexy and when she began asking questions like have I been fatigue lately or do I have any allergies, I just answered them politely and pretended not to notice her beauty. She was about 5'6, she had light brown hair and hazel eyes, her breasts were nice and firm, and you could tell she was a flirt. She must have been a nursing student.

After all of the tests were administered she asked me to remove all of my clothing except my boxers and she said she would be right back to finish up. While I was sitting on the padded table I involutarily got an erection. I tried to avoid it because I didn't want to suffer embarrassment. Momentarily, she arrived back in the room. I remained sitting up, so she couldn't easily identify my arousal. She looked at me and calmly said something about checking my genital area for some sort of diseases or malfuctions. Then she asked me to remove my boxers. My heart was racing, but I knew I was going to have to get nude so I stood up and removed my boxers without shame. Now I was standing there with my hard cock sticking straight out. I saw her glance at my cock, then she asked me to lay down on my back on the table for the examination. As she walked near me I couldn't help but notice her lovely figure. Then I gently felt her hands cup my balls. I was so horny and my cock was harder than it ever was. I could feel it throbbing and shaking. Her finger bumped my cock and I accidentally let out a moan. This was so embarrassing. Finally she stepped back and asked me if I were nervous or if I would like to take a short break before continuing. She was in the middle of saying that I could come back another time, but then I looked up at her and said "its ok. As you can tell I am very aroused, but I expect nothing other than a professional examination." Then I added "I hope your not offended, but you are so sexy." There was silence and then she said "I've always wanted to jerk a guy off and watch him cum from the touch of my hand. Maybe you can help me satisfy my craving." I looked deep into her eyes and she told me to just relax and try to remain quiet. In a quick instance I felt her hand grab my hard throbbing cock by the base and begin applying pressure, shrugging the loose skin on my cock up and down.

As the pleasure began to build up, I quietly let out small moans, but she instructed me once again to remain quiet due to the other patients. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed by the fact that I was receiving a hand job because I had never had a girl do that for me, I always considered it something personal. Soon the thrusting of her hand, erased the thoughts of embarrassment as she began to beat faster. I moved around a little and grabbed the edges of the table. The feeling was so intense. Occasionally I would open my eyes to witness this beautiful girl jerking my hard-on. About 10 minutes went by and I could really feel it now. She seemed to have the rhythm down, increasing her speed as I became near my orgasm. Finally I could feel something inside of me building and growing. I laid there and appreciated every second of it. She knew I was nearing the end of the game, so she thrusted faster. This girl was a pro, she could read me like a book. It was so good. My legs lengthened straight out and I gripped the sides of the table. Breathing turned to exhaustion. My stomach tightened up and I prepared for the launch. This girl recognized I was about to cum, so she thrusted her hand as fast as she possibly could. Every single muscle in my body went stiff and I shortly stopped breathing. There was a pause and suddenly the explosion of cum shot out of my cock. She remained her rhythm as I kept shooting for what seemed like 3 minutes. Finally the last bursts of cum slowly erupted out of my cock and she proceeded to clean up the mess. I eventually got up, thanked her for her kindness and departed. I will never forget that wonderful day where my most embarrassing experience transformed into my most pleasurable experience.



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