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A Nudist Family

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Family nudist, brother sister, mas

Growing up in a nudist family there were some rules that we were taught from an early age. First and foremost we couldn’t tell anyone that sometimes we didn’t wear anything around each other. It was also up to us if and when we wanted to be naked. Even though we had a high fence around the yard we couldn’t go outside unless we wore at least a swim suit, mom wanted to make sure we had tan lines. I didn’t understand that one until I got in junior high where the boys swim class didn’t wear suits.


My sister was older than me but we were really close and we shared everything. She told me what went on everyday at school, what her friends were up to and she even showed me her first pubic hair. Before we got into our teens we were always naked around each and our parents had taught us that a penis or vagina was no different than elbow or knee.



That changed when I turned 14 and started get real hard-one. At first I tried to hide them but when mom and dad said they were perfectly normal for a kid my age and they’d go away I didn’t think about them anymore. I did notice my sister would sometimes stare when our parents weren’t in the room. One day she asked what it felt like and didn’t it hurt when got one. I told her that they didn’t hurt and they actually felt good most of the time.



About six months later I had just gotten out of the shower and pulled on a pair of shorts and was on my way downstairs when my sister sad mom and dad were going to be gone most of the day. I went downstairs got a coke and turned on the tv. Later my sister came down wearing just a pair of panties and asked what I was watching. I told her there was nothing good on Iwas going out side.



She looked at me and said instead of going out she’d sit on my lap and let me play with her tits and if I wanted to suck on them she wouldn’t mind. I asked if she was kidding and without hesitation she slid over into my lap and cupped hey tits in her hands and pushed them toward my face.



I did what she asked and after a few minutes her nipples got harder than I’d ever seen them and she started breathing harder. Then she raised her hips up just enough to slide her panties down her thighs so she could get at her slit. She pressed the top for a few seconds and then slid off my lap onto the floor and with a smile on her face masturbated for me.



That was the day we started fooling around whenever mom and dad were gone. We started wearing clothes all the time so they wouldn’t think we were up to anything. At first we just masturbated in front of each then we started doing each other and then we discovered oral. Both of us loved that and would spend as much time as we could licking chewing and sucking on each other.




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