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A Nice Game of Strip Connect Four

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I was 17 at the time this happened. My friends names are changed.


My friend Sarah and I were headed over to our friend Mark's house. Mark is a very nicely built black guy. Him and I have shared nude pics and sexted a lot before this, without my friend Sarah's knowledge.

When we got there we went upstairs (which was like his own apartment) we were kind of bored playing regular connect four so Mark said lets raise the stakes and when you lose you have to take a piece of clothing off, we all agreed. So I played home first and I lost so I took off my bra not wanting to be the first with no shirt on. So Sarah and I took turns playing Mark, and it comes down to I'm only in my underwear. Sarah is only missing a shirt and pants and Greg just lost his last piece of clothing.

I can feel my pussy is just dripping wet and I can see that Mark is getting hard. Lori says she is done playing so we just sit there in the dark with the only light coming from the tv. I'm sitting next to Mark and Lori is on the other side of him. He takes my hand and puts it on his dick and I was shocked since Sarah was right there but I kept my hand there and could feel his dick is dripping and I start to softly touch his rock hard dick. I could feel the veins bulging out.

Meanwhile he slides his hand around me and starts touching my now soaking wet pussy and is massaging my clit and feeling all up and down me licking my hard nipples. Lori stands up and we stop and she goes to the bathroom. (It's downstairs so I will be able to hear her come back up the stairs) I stand up and sit on his lap with my legs spread apart and I'm facing him. I play with my pussy and in fingering my slit and rubbing my clit with one hand and with the other I play with his dick up and down up and down. I swirl my thumb around the head of his dick and get his pre cum on my hand. I slide my hand up and down again and again.

He starts grabbing my ass and kissing my chest and playing with my nipples every once in a while taking command of my pussy and sliding his fingers into my tight pussy. He tells me he is going to cum and I tell him to cum on me. As soon as I finished saying it he came so much and so hard some got on my face and that sent me over the edge. I came while sitting on his lap and collapsed onto his chest. It was perfect timing because I heard Sarah coming up the stairs I quickly slid off his lap and used my underwear to clean up as much as I could.

I don't know if she could tell what we did. I made a joke about her taking so long and she said yea I thought you two could use the time alone. I just looked at Mark and smiled. Once we left and I dropped her off at her house I couldn't wait until I got home so I teased myself the whole way home just thinking about his hands on my body could have sent me over the edge. I got home ran to my room and came over and over again to what had just happened.

I still get off just thinking about it. We still send pictures back and forth and we've done things since then and all I can say is once you go black you really don't go back!



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