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A Morning Release Following a HARD Night

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And happily ever after.


When I met my wife, she was sexually inexperienced, which was ok- she was worth waiting for. This is about our first sexual encounter.

I met my wife at a party- we instantly became friends and began dating. We took the relationship very slowly at first. I didn't want to mess it up, as she was from a very religious family, and she had only been with one guy, and only one time. We had dates to the park, movies, and out to dinner and church. Things were going very well and she was interesting, as well as beautiful. "Michelle" was from the Midwest, educated, and a soft-hearted girl.
Our first sexual experience came sort of by chance. We had gone out to dinner and ended up at my house. We popped some popcorn and watched a late movie on TV. The only TV in the house was in my bedroom. We settled into my king-sized bed, as we had done several times before. As usual, we kissed during the commercials. We had never gone any further sexually and I figured tonight would be no different. I would usually restrain myself from trying to go further, waiting to jerk myself off into explosive cum streams after she left. I had pretty much resigned myself to a long wait to have sex, and that was ok—I realized quickly “Michelle was the one!” I actually enjoyed masturbating and imagining sexual experiences with her. I looked forward to our first time.
This night, we both fell asleep on the bed. I think I was the one who awoke first- it was 2 a.m. I suggested Michelle just stay over, since it was so late. Michelle didn’t have a car, so I would have to get up and take her home. I was tired and suggested she stay over. Michelle resisted at first, then I guess she could tell I didn’t want to get up, and she said ok.
I quickly went into the bedroom and took a shower. I decided to put back on my jeans, as I didn’t want Michelle to feel I was expecting sex. I came out of the bathroom, shirtless- but with jeans on. The bedroom lights were off- I could tell she was staring at me. She’d not seen me without a shirt on yet. Michelle was fully dressed. I laid down on the bed- we kissed goodnight- I gave her the top sheet and I covered up with the bedspread. I tossed and turned for what seemed like an eternity. I was sleeping next to my fantasy girl- I couldn’t sleep. Michelle was obviously awake, as I could hear her toss about. After an hour or so, I turned back on the TV. Michelle turned over on her back and said, “I can’t sleep either.” We watched “Bewitched” I remember- an old rerun.
Michelle leaned over to me and said, “Your going to be tired tomorrow at work if you don’t sleep.” Truth be, my penis was hard as a rock- my mind was on sex, and I couldn’t sleep. I was so sexually frustrated. I began wishing I’d jacked off in the shower earlier. I finally got up (glad I had my jeans on, as they hid my erection , and went into the kitchen to get a drink. I tried rearranging my hard-on- I did pretty well, and came back in and laid back down..
By this time, Michelle was asleep. I tried to sleep. About 6 a.m. , it was time to get up- I had slept maybe an hour. The alarm sounded and I hit it, dreading getting up.
Michelle was awake. She came over and put her arms around me, snuggling against my bare chest. I could feel her hot breath on my nipple, and it felt good. I didn’t want to get up. Michelle then did the unexpected. She whispered, “I want to feel you.” I actually didn’t know what she meant. Michelle began rubbing my chest and kissing me- I thought, “Ok, she’s feeling me.” I was getting excited again. Michelle kept rubbing my chest and kissing my nipples. I responded by kissing her neck and lips.
Michelle then repeated, “I want to feel you- take off your pants.” I asked her to repeat it out of disbelief. She repeated the same words.
I said, “Are you sure?” “Yes”, she responded. I unzipped my pants and off they came. Now, in my boxers, we began kissing passionately, I was on top and we were grinding. Michelle played right into my hard-on, and I was rubbing myself against her clit- of course her clothes were on. My penis was burning from the friction, but I was close to cumming.
I finally quit- knowing I was about to reach the point of no return. I figured that would be the end. By this time, it was 6:30, and I was going to be late for work.
Michelle then said, “Can I feel you?” I said yes. She slowly took her hand and placed it over my erection. She slowly worked her hand over it. She outlined my penis with her hand. I was ready to explode.
I decided to be bold and grabbed the waistband of my boxers and slid them down. I took her hand and placed it over my erection. Michelle touched it, her hand came up, and then she touched it again. She began outlining the underside and the vein leading up to my circumcised head. My head is very sensitive, so I grabbed her hand, and led her back to the shaft. Michelle then placed her head on my chest, and looking down, began rubbing my dick up and down. She commented, “Wow, its big.” “Its bigger than …” She cut herself off. I am assuming she meant it was bigger than the guy she had been with before. (As I’ve said before, I’m 8.5 inches- but I may have been even bigger since I’d had an erection so long.)
Michelle then asked if she was doing “it” right. While it was pleasurable, I placed my hand over hers, and showed her long strokes up and down felt best. (Later, I would jack off in front of her, showing Michelle how I liked it- I like it faster as I get closer to cumming- a skill she was and is good at!)
Michelle kept rubbing me- my penis was almost numb by this time with the grinding and now her pumping. I was going to explode and fast.
I took her head back a little, so the cum wouldn’t go on her face, as by now, her head was at my belly button. She then let go of my penis- instead, venturing down to my balls. It was almost like she’d never noticed them yet. She took my testicles in her left hand and grabbed my dick with her right and began pumping. I told her to gently squeeze my balls—ever so gently. She started, and then I came- or I should say, exploded. My cum made it up to my upper chest- actually going a little in her hair. Michelle just kept on pumping me- till every drop was out.
I was exhausted- I wanted to reciprocate but it was close to 7 a.m. and I had to get ready for work. I would marry this girl- she was and is my life. It was wonderful exploring sex with her.



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