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A Messy Beginning.

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 10 comments
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It was a messy beginning to an active night.

I want to relate one of my recent swinging experiences. Usually I partake of all the joys of sex with multiple partners when my boyfriends and I attend swinging parties. We are among the youngest participants in our lifestyle circle, so you can imagine the attention we both get from the mostly older guests. My boyfriends are very much in demand by the older ladies and likewise, so am I among the men, so neither of us lacks opportunities for 'socializing', if you know what I mean. And I'm sure you do. Anyway, at this recent event, there were ten couples, not counting myself and my two boyfriends. I decided I would not have sex with anybody that night. No particular reason, other than I had had so much sex recently I wanted a break. All I would do is masturbate, whether it be me, my boyfriends, or others. Of course I would allow others to masturbate me if they wanted to. Some of the men with whom I had had sex previously expressed disappointed but all were respectful of my intent. Most, if not all, swingers are very attuned to each others needs and wants. Nobody pressured me to have sex. On the contrary, there was a full house of people eager to help me masturbate. One older gentleman sat on the sofa and invited me to sit in his lap facing away from him. My legs were spread to the outside of his legs. His penis extended forward, below my crotch. I leaned forward, hands slathered with vaseline, and I masturbated him by reaching between both of our spread legs and underneath me. For his part, he reached around to masturbate me at the same time. He started off softly rubbing all around my pussy but not on my pussy, just my inner thighs. Occasionally he would break off to fondle my tits which drives me crazy, then return to my crotch. Gradually he worked his caresses further and further toward my pussy until he was applying pressure on my clit and pussy lips. Eventually, one hand rubbed my clit and the other played with my lips and pressed inside, finger fucking me. Once he came, that freed me up to relax. I leaned back against his chest while enjoying the sensations he was giving me. Several people had gathered around us watching as I steadily progressed toward orgasm. Most of the men, cocks in hands, were masturbating. I felt so fulfilled, totally exposed, in total abandon. When I come, I tend to vocalize and this time was no different. Two of the onlookers came at the same time, splashing all over me. During my recovery, spent, lying back against my partner, one by one, the other men came on me too. It was a messy beginning to a very active night. My partner offered to help me shower, an offer which I gladly accepted, and it yielded for me the second orgasm that night.



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