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A Memory of Long Ago

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She was the first woman to go there ...


She helped me overcome my biggest obstacle. I feared entering a relationship with a woman. Just the thought of a woman seeing my privates, well I couldn't imagine it. I would shake inside just thinking of what would happen to me if she laughed, made fun of me. I was so afraid to be humiliated. Up to this point in time, I still had not even kissed a girl on the lips. I suppose it was my upbringing, not quite sure why, but I never allowed it to happen. I was ready to turn 24 years old and wanted desperately to open up, to overcome this fear and finally begin to have a relationship with someone of the other sex.

She was the wife of my good friend. We often talked that week we were together while my friend, her husband, was on duty exercises. I opened up to her with my secret desire to find someone who could help me overcome my fears. She was a good listener, has a good heart and wanted to help me. She never thought and most friends did not realize I held this secret.

It began innocent enough, we were sitting on the couch. I was talking about my predicament hoping she could give me an 'in' with an understanding friend of hers, to introduce me to someone who would understand my inexperience and nervousness, help me to adjust. I guess she took it upon herself to bring me along. She sat beside me, reached out and brought me closer to her. When she touched me it was electricity going through me, my heartbeat turned rapid, my hands were shaking. Touching faces, light brushes of cheek to cheek, she initiated the process I could never forget. I wanted desperately to feel her breast, to realize the soft skin that shaped a woman's bosom. I wrapped my arms around her, easily slipping my hands up the small of her back. Smooth, silk like skin. No straps, no resistance-nothing to stand in the way of my hands progression. She was gentle, allowing me to find my way.

I closed my eyes, sighed a little, enjoying the moment when she pressed her lips close to mine. Our tongues met, in a slow rhythmic exchange we caught each others breath. I slipped into my first passionate kiss with the woman of my good friend.

I was lost in that embrace, when we fell back laying on the couch, she was on top of me. I gasped as her hand reached down feeling the outline of my arousal.

We broke our kiss for a moment as she unfastened my buckle and opened my blue jeans. Drawing down my shorts, she grasped the base of my member milking me in slow motions while resuming the French kiss. Our tongues sucked in unison with her foreplay. Oh God! It was unbelievable.

Beads of perspiration were forming all over me. I was truly lost in the moment, experiencing no sense of time, just hoping to have it last forever when at once I sensed myself slipping into a warmed soft wetness engulfing my member. Oh! Ah, Oh! I repeated in halting breath. She pulled away slowly only to thrust herself forcefully recapturing my pole in a rhythm of ecstasy. I tightened my buttocks, arched back and lifted her up with my pelvis while she motioned up and down until I spent my seed. It didn't take long, but, I wanted at that moment to become inseparable. I wished this to be eternity.

I have been forever grateful for that first time.I don't know how else to describe it, but, I broke my fear, my long journey toward discovery had just begun. I felt I was home at last ... This had to be why God put man and woman on earth.



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