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A Mean Day

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There is more f/f about this, I think, and also a lot of sibling rivalry and, well, frustration/bad temper - whatever.


It seems to me that the stricter parents are, the more teenagers rebel, and I've read some stories here recently I certainly relate to. While our parents were not overly religious, they did have what I considered to be repressed views on sex. Mum and dad never, EVER talked about it with me or my sister - all we got was a leaflet on periods - that's it. Sex? Never mentioned. Masturbation? What's that? Anna and I were both home educated so we didn't get to mix with other kids.

So, puberty came late for both of us for some reason. I was 15 before I started my periods, and Anna was 16. I guess we were both slow developers. Of course, we couldn't ask mum if she had been - that would have been met with a snappy answer and probably a punishment.

So, puberty, or as Anna and I called it, "boobs and pubes". We got over the excitement of our developing breasts, and the unpredictability of our first few periods.

But I also got into such terrible moods! I mean really angry, short tempered, and antsy. I began to notice that sometimes, at night, when I got ready for bed, my panties were actually wet, and for a while I thought I had some kind of infection and that I was peeing myself. But then I realised that this wasn't pee. One night, I looked at the crotch of my panties and just sniffed them. It was like a tide washing over me! Suddenly, my boobs tightened to the point they hurt! My nipples stuck out and I began to throb between my legs. I was actually scared!

The next day, damn - I was sooooo angry. Everything upset me, even the smallest word! I decided to take a shower and in the bathroom, I stripped off and again saw that wetness in my underwear. Because of what happened last time, I wasn't going to smell it again and lifted the lid of the laundry hamper and there were a pair of Anna's. I could see that she too had a wet, creamy looking stain, and almost instinctively, I lifted them out and wondered if she smelled the same as I did. I inhaled her scent and found that while it was mostly the same it was subtly different, and if I thought my own scent was arousing, it was nothing like smelling someone else!

I actually creamed myself. (We call it welping here in the UK) A gush of wetness flooded between my thighs and the next thing I knew my clit was not throbbing, it felt like it was pounding! I touched myself. Then again, and then again and again and again until I was rubbing at myself furiously.

Something began to build deep inside me and as I breathed Anna's scent in, it seemed to change. Well, maybe not change, exactly, it was more that I was able to determine more about it. Like the scent was breaking apart into the components. There was this flowery, heavenly scent, but also a sharpness too. Then, as this feeling in my tummy became almost overpowering, I sensed a slight aroma of pee too and (embarrassed now) it was that that made me cum.

Oh My God! Wave after wave tore through me. I couldn't have kept quiet if I tried. I remember grunting, and I also remember swearing too, and each dirty word added to what I was feeling. I felt like I was convulsing inside too - all the time breathing Anna's pussy and (yeah, I admit) licking it too.

By the time I finished, I actually had a tummy ache from the muscle work out.

Afterwards, I was really angry. How COULD mum not have told us about this wonderful release?

Later that night, I told Anna what I had done. I really wanted to know if she did it too, and how it made her feel, but I was scared she would throw a hissy fit when I told her about me using her panties.

All she did was laugh. She's been doing exactly the same - and for months before I ever got the idea. She hadn't told me because she thought I was more like mum than she was - as if!

So, we spent the evening talking about how we did it to ourselves. Anna said she likes pushing things inside - like carrots, or a banana, or something. She told me it hurt the first couple of times and she bled, but now, having something in her when she cums is the best. I haven't done that yet - too scared I think, but I do push a finger up my bum and that feels great too.

Anna and I have a secret code so we can tell each other how many times we came last night!

We don't use each other's panties any more, but sometimes, I feel like I want to masturbate with her - maybe not touching each other, but just doing it together. Maybe I'll suggest that - or maybe when we have our next talk about sex, I'll just do it an hope she joins in.



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