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A Little Dom Inside

Posted by: Age: 43 Posted on: 9 comments
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Story of the girl who quite possiby may have been the factor in my dominant side.


I have a memory that has surfaced in recent months. One that brings light a deep dark secret I believe I have stored inside for years. Yola and I, we were great friends who played video games, cars, and outside games together. One time after school we were playing in her room. She asked to play house and that I be the man. I laughed and said “ok”. She then asked me to come to the bed with her. She guided me to be on top of her and in between her legs. I was not sure what type of house play this was as I had never engaged in this activity before. 

She told we were to make noises and rock into each other. It became clear to me later that we were enacting something she had seen before. I did not mind it. I remember her face as I was pretending to be ‘the man’ which I had no idea what that meant at the time but I was happy to obligee her and I also liked the feeling I had laying over the top of her while she made her noises as if she was enjoying a really yummy cake. I had not yet discovered my clitoris as anything other than a part of my body. She would ask me to please go faster or to press harder into her and she told me not to stop until we were done. Well, I didn’t know what that meant either! Even when I thought we were done we kept doing this man woman house play thing. 

I have found over the years my desire for control over another person in a sexual way to be a fantasy that continues emerging. I have masturbated to my memory of the girl who wanted me to ‘be the man’ with her that day when we were playing. I remember her face and moans…although I sometimes wonder if she did orgasm when we ‘played house’ together. She asked me over often to play house and that I be the man. We did this in her bed more times after that but I never knew why. 

Fast forwarding, I remember a time I was having sex with an ex boyfriend and in the throws of the moment I turned him around and started grinding the back of his body. I could tell he was a little confused but since he was a trooper and slightly drunk he didn’t object. After a few pushes into his rump I found myself cumming. I do not think he believed that I orgasmed, I think he thought I was a bit crazy and we never spoke of it again. But sometimes I do this to my pillows and pretend I am 'the man' fucking something.

Like tonight, I am naked while I write this thinking of how I am finding a part of me that is more forceful then I ever imagined. I am thinking of a man that I want to do this to. I want to stroke his cock and tease him a bit. Treat him as if he were my toy. Thinking of his naked body and his massive hard on makes me want to cum right now. As I gather my pillows I am about to start the process of fucking myself into a wonderful long awaited orgasm. Its been building for 3 days. It is time to release the little beast inside me. 

I gathered up the pillows and imagined the following....I was telling him I was coming for him and that I hoped he was ready…He then rolled over to allow me access to the back of his beautiful body. Starting with his toes I tickled him and worked my way up the back of his legs and onto the thighs…squeezing his ass and kissing it with my sultry lips. Then giving it a little bite. Not hard just like a love bite. I continued on to his upper back and then kiss his shoulder and back of his neck. I ask him to stay that way until I am done. He says he will do anything for me. Sliding myself over the top of him one leg on each side of him I was in my position. Hands on his back while my pelvis is pressing into his ass I start rocking myself. Just like I did with my friend Yola. As I am fucking my pillows I imagine the man beneath me. So hot and delicious. I want him to make noises for me. I want him so press back into me creating a resistance as I continue to fuck his rump. 

I look up from my fantasy and catch a glimpse of myself in my bed mirror and I feel a surge of energy through my body as my grinding into my pillow becomes faster and more gripping. I can feel the building of the climax and I can feel the shaking of my body for this orgasm is well overdue. Its happening faster than I thought it would and I do not want to stop this momentum I have created…the build up is just perfect and I can not deny the processfrom continuing. Upon imagining this firm nice ass underneath me I grind for the final few seconds into my make believe man pillow as my orgasm engulfs my pussy and I start to cum all over my pillows.  I continue pressing myself into the pillows well after the release is over as it still felt good to do so. I like this and I want to do it again. 

I think my friend Yola created a little monster that has been hidden for a long time. 



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