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A Little Afternoon Delight

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An hour of Stolen Lust that happened the other day


In NH, each town has a summer fair where there are parades, craft shows and a lot of tasty but terribly unhealthy foods (fried dough, sausage sandwiches, blooming onions, etc.). Our town is very popular and it draws a lot of people from the area. Well this year it was really hot and humid, we walked around for a bit and my wife and I looked at each other and decided we were going to need a break, we asked our teenage kids what they wanted to do - they decided they were going to hang out with their friends. My wife and I headed home to cool off in some air conditioning.

My wife went to the master bath and took a cool shower while I went about making some iced coffee. A little later my wife comes down the hall in a loose fitting beach dress, I hand her her drink and we head for the family room and turn on the TV. We drop down onto the couch and she lays back, and to my surprise I realize she is not wearing panties or a bra under the beach dress. Immediately my eyes are drawn to her neatly trimmed pussy and I start to get a woody. The tv is on and she is watching, but her hand keeps dropping between her legs to gently stroke the outer lips of her pussy. The air conditioning vent is blowing across her pussy and clearly she is enjoying the flow, her nipples are poking out through the fabric of her dress - a clear sign she is aroused.

I say the her, 'Enjoying the cool breeze?', she smiles, and shamelessly spreads her legs further and adjusts herself so she is leaning into my chest with her back against me and brings my arm around to encircle her; she cups my hand over her left breast. She begins to slide her middle finger down the slit of her pussy bringing a glistening wetness to the outer labia, I begin to cup her full 36D breast through the fabric of her dress; rubbing gently between my thumb and finger the firm length of her now fully engorged nipple.

With her right hand, she reaches up and presses her middle finger, wet and aromatic from her now flowing vagina, into my mouth letting me taste her arousal. She withdraws her finger and unfastens my belt, then pulls down the zipper to reach in and caress my fully excited length. My whole body stiffens with her caress.

She brings her left hand between her legs and two fingers disappear down her between her pink and enlarged labia, her movement making soft wet sounds. Unable to stand it any longer, I pull down my shorts and boxers, allowing my dancing length to slide into her hand, free from any interference. With her left hand slipping and pressing into her wet folds and her right hand pumping my length, I am in heaven as I get to watch her get herself off as she brings me closer and closer to my edge. My left hand has opened the front of her dress and her full breasts are rising and falling with her excited breaths, I alternate between each breast and nipple. My right hand reaches to cup and caress my testicles as she begins to pump harder and faster upon my length.

Suddenly she arches her back and lets out a long moan as she hits her climax. Seeing her pleasure flow across her body, her breasts now fully excited, and a flush spread across her taut skin, I immediately explode, letting spurt after spurt splash across my belly and chest.

We both collapse against each other and fall into a semi-conscious repose. A short while later she gets up and gets a small towel to clean me up, as as she does, my manhood begins to stiffen with each touch of the towel. She looks me in the eye and smiles, standing, she steps away and begins to unwrap her dress, letting it fall to the floor,...but that story is for another time.



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