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A Lifetime of Masturbation

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85 and still at it


I first discovered masturbation at age 13. A friend had told me about watching his brother “jack off”and I had even tried it myself once in the bathtub but nothing happened so I wasn't sure whether there was any truth to this. I was at the age when constant erections were an embarrassing problem. I would get hard erections in school and every night the minute I lay down in bed my penis would immediately get stiff and remain stiff all night. All these erections were getting me more and more excited and since I didn't know what to do about it I became more and more frustrated.

Then one night an incredible miracle occurred. I was lying in bed with the usual “boner” and idly stroking it as I always did, when an absolutely unbelievable feeling came over my entire body. It was like a huge tidal wave washing over me. I had never experienced anything like that before. My pajamas became very wet when some fluid came out of my penis. I knew that what I had been told was, indeed, true. I thought about this most of the next day and planned a real investigation when I got home from school since no one would be home but me. This time, I got up on a chair where I could watch everything in a mirror. I rapidly pulled the skin on my penis back and forth and soon got the same marvelous feeling and watched great gobs of thick white fluid come pouring out of my rigid penis. Finally I knew what to do about the frustration and found that it helped reduce the number of erections in embarrassing situations. I quickly became a regular, masturbating at least once or twice per day. I remember well the day I managed 7 J.O's in a day – this being my personal best. I also developed many ways of constantly masturbating without being discovered. This lasted for years to my great pleasure.

Years after this “first time” I married the love of my life(a second marriage) and our sex life was perfect except that I realized that I wanted a little more sex than my wife did. And so I continued masturbating. I don't think my wife knew about it until much later. My masturbation was a real help in that both of us could have exactly what we wanted. Then a new factor entered our lives which was the forerunner of a new and wonderful type of sex, mutual masturbation. When on a trip in our favorite motel, I awakened one morning very excited with an extremely stiff penis. But I soon found that my wife just didn't feel like having sex. I finally got the courage to start stroking my penis. I was fearful since I did not want to offend her, I was also embarrassed, and I also loved every minute of it. Being a little scared and embarrassed somehow added a big new thrill. My wife not only wasn't offended, she watched the whole procedure with intense interest from the first stroke until I shot off all over my stomach. Having her watch added a great deal to the thrills. Later that day as she wanted to tease me a little she said “You sure had a good time this morning didn't you? Embarrassed, I responded “Yes, I guess I did.” But the best part was yet to come. The next time we were staying at the same motel one morning without being asked she just reached over, took a hold of my penis and gave me a super hand job. Wow! I certainly had a good time that morning. After this we became more and more at ease talking about jacking and jilling. I finally told her all about my masturbation history – the various techniques I had used, which ones I liked the best, etc.

One technique I loved was when I masturbated using a slow-fast technique as described in “The Joy of Sex” by Alex Comfort. One does 15 strokes as hard and fast as possible, then 15 slow and gentle, and then repeats. With each set, it becomes more difficult to change the pace. As I got closer to orgasm, I just didn't want to change anything so I had to force myself to change the pace. Finally orgasm just swept over me regardless of what I was doing at the time. My favorite method of all was lying completely still in the bath tub. After getting the best temperature and pressure with the hand held shower, I would start with my penis flaccid and my foreskin drawn back exposing the head for maximum sensitivity. Then I would watch my cock involuntarily rise up and fall back – slowly at first and then more and more frequently as I got closer to orgasm. Finally it would rise and remain straight up and I knew I would be off in a moment. Orgasm was a real thrill with plenty of throbbing, jerking, and moaning. Clean up was easy since I was already in the shower. However sometimes this method required a quick and difficult decision from me when I had started a session by watching a porno video. Then, when I got close, I had to decide whether to stay with the video or go into the shower to finish off. Most times the shower won out.

When telling my wife about all of this I found that it really turned her on. When starting the sex that inevitably followed, in order to be sure that she came first, I masturbated her by stroking or licking her clitoris until she had one or more of her extraordinary orgasms with strong contractions. (She was always mostly clitoris oriented in sex and easily and quickly achieved very strong vaginal contractions. What a fantastic woman! She often had two or more orgasms during sex. Once when I asked her if she had come twice, she giggled and said “No, – in fact it was three times.”)When I had finished masturbating her, I would lie back and enjoy watching myself give my penis good jacking off. When I was ready to come, she would squeeze my hand while I moaned, groaned, and finally ejaculated. Then she would ask “Oh Honey, was that a really good one?” And, very pleased, I would reply “It sure was! One of the best” This form of mutual masturbation was perfect for me since I was able to enjoy masturbating both her and myself. It also enabled us to continue sex for several years.

A few years ago I had a stroke. This or the medication left me impotent. At first I was devastated about not having erections but soon discovered that I could still masturbate to orgasm with a flaccid penis (it really does work). Then and in the following years, my wife who is now 80 progressively lost most of her sex desire. However, we both enjoy reading a story or two from Solo Touch and we occasionally repeat the jilling followed by jacking, but these sessions are rather rare. Now, at age 85, I need to use a vibrator or a hand held shower in order to come but I continue frequent masturbating. I start almost every morning with a ½hour or more of penis stroking and edging. The edging has all the exquisite feeling of that last few moments before orgasm except that these seem to last longer – minutes instead of seconds. I also don't need to slow down or stop to avoid orgasm but just continue and wait for the next edge. If it's warm enough, I love to stretch out totally naked with legs spread apart and stroke my cock with one hand while the other hand is stroking other fun places such as the inner sides of my thighs, my crotch, my balls (they get a nice squeeze), my belly, and my nipples. Sometimes I tightly squeeze the base of my shaft and gently stroke my penis head in circles with the other hand. My wife usually doesn't watch, which I understand since at my age my body isn't anything to look at. But once in a while, to my great enjoyment, she does sneak a peek.

In addition to the morning edging sessions I manage a jack off with orgasm 3 or 4 times a week. Although there is at best a couple of drops of semen, orgasms are not only “just as good as ever” but rather “far better than ever “. I have throbbing, convulsing, and spasms of pure ecstasy. My wife is next to me during morning sessions and she also knows all about the orgasms. She heartily approves, and encourages me. Her conviction is “Honey, if it feels good, do it.”.

Since I am now 85 and I started at age 13 that is 72 years of masturbation. When I was born, life expectancy for American males was 72 years, so that means I have indeed had a lifetime of marvelous masturbation both solo and mutual with the two best possible masturbation partners – namely myself and my wife. I hope to continue as long as possible and this year I would like to try for an orgasm every day of May – to celebrate Masturbation Month, 2013. Wish me luck.

Addendum: As much as I tried to make this a story about myself, it turned out to be much more of a story about my wife and I – after 40 years of marriage, we are still head-over-heels in love.



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