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A Helping Hand

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My wife died a few days afer my son was born and I have been left to raise him by myself. My parents and my in laws do as much as they can but I do most of the things. My work was very accomidating and even allowed me to have a crib in my office. My son is now three and goes to nursury school 5 days a week. This is his second year at the school. The first day I dropped of my son I meet a few people who were very helpful. One of the moms was also a widow and our children were in the same class.

After a few weeks of school I was called at work that my son was doing very well and is very close to one of the girls in class. When I found out who I was happy. My son was close to the daughter of the other widow. Her name was veronica. V always talked to me while dropping of my son and when I picked him up. V's husband died at work and she was compensated very nicely and they also had large policies on each other. Since the death V stopped working and spent time with V. One day while dropping off my son the school was closed because of a broken pipe. I had no one to watch my son so V told me to drop him off at her house. I did and went inside to tell her thank you. V told me she would take care of them and I went to work. V called me at 1:00 pm to let me know my son was asleep holding her daughters hand while she was asleep. I laughed and thanked her again.

V and I would get together with the kids every weekend so they can play. Soon they started to act like brother and sister and did everything together. I liked spending time with V and I think the feeling was mutual. On new years eve we went to dinner and back to V's house. She asked me to stay over and my son asked to play all night. By 10:00 our kids were asleep and we put them in bed. I changed into my shorts and tee shirt while V put on a robe. At midnight we kissed and rang in the new year. Actually we kissed a lot and finally V told me good night and went to her room.

We kept a normal schedule and in the spring my in laws were taking my son for a week vacation to visit some family. I was going to be alone for the first time since my son was born for more than a day. When I called V she told me her parents were taken her daughter for a few nights also. We decided to go out to a movie and dinner. When I arrived at V house I knocked on the door and V answered it in a tee shirt and short shorts. I asked her what she was doing. V smiled at me and told me to sit down we need to talk. V told me the past year and a half have been fun for her and she liked me and my son. I told her the same. V then told me she wanted to take it further. I smiled and told her okay. Then V told me to stand up. When I did she stood next to me and kissed me. While kissing she grabbed my crotch and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down and looked at my bulge. V looked at me and told me to meet her in her bedroom.

I pulled up my pants and ran for her room. V was sitting on the bed and I stripped naked. My dick was pointing straight up and ready. V took off her shirt and shorts. I looked at her small breasts and pussy. We climbed into bed and started to kiss. I told her I have not been with anyone since my wife died. V kissed me and then started to kiss down my neck, chest, stomach and then she reached my dick. She started to suck my dick. I was in heaven and I told her I wasn't going to last to long. In about two minutes I told V I was going to cum and I then went off in her mouth. V swallowed everything and smiled at me. I told her thank you a few times. I looked at V and started to lightly stroke her nipples. Once they were hard I sucked her nipples and then went down to her pussy. V was clean shaved and I licked and sucked her pussy and clit. I was sucking her clit when she told me she was close and then she made little yes sounds and then had a orgasm. She even shot a little of her love juice into my mouth.

I spent the rest of the time with V at her house. Soon Our kids were 4 and her daughter asked me if I was going to marry her mommy. V and I looked at each other and didn't know what to say. Her daughter then told me she wanted me to be her daddy and hugged me. My son looked at V and asked her to be his mommy. V hugged my son and with tears in her eyes and nodded. I asked V daughter if she would allow me to ask her moms hand in marraige. She said no. I asked my and she told me I could ask for her whole body in marraige. We laughed and I pulled out a ring and asked V to be my wife. V was shocked and nodded yes while kissing me.

We married with just our families and went away with our children. We adopted each others child and were soon a big happy family. V and I decided we didn't want any more children and I was snipped and her tubes were tied. We now have amazing sex sessions that last for hours when the kids are out.



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