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A Helping Hand

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I love this site. I cum here all the time!


I work as a nurse in a hospital and work with disabled patients. Part of my job is to help bathe patients who can't quite do everything for themselves.

Last Friday was a normal enough day at work. After giving medications it was time to assist the patients with their baths. I had to help a certain patient (I will call her Kim) with a bath several times before this, but something happened last Friday that had never happened before.

Kim has very limited mobility of her arms, so I have to do most of her bathing for her. Anyway, I started by lathering up her arms, neck and then moved to her breasts. Her nipples got hard and she sighed. I noticed this but tried not to (or didn't want to) read anything into it. I then worked the washcloth down towards her pussy, first gently washing her inner thighs. She sighed again and I noticed that she was watching intently what I was doing. I asked her, 'Are you alright?' She said, 'Yeah, I'm fine.', so I continued.

I lathered up her pubic hair and then worked my way down to her pussy lips. Her breathing was getting fast and her legs were shaking a little. As I moved the washcloth to her pussy lips she suddenly thrust forward into my hand! There was no longer any question in my mind what was happening. She was horny and was being stimulated by the soapy washcloth. Still, I was a little shocked. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I looked at her and she was looking directly back at me and there was almost a pleading look in her eyes. In the most professional tone that I could muster I said to her, 'I think your clean down there now, do you want me to continue?' (I couldn't believe what I had just said.) She whispered, 'Please.'

I placed the washcloth back on her pussy lips, which by now were obviously swollen. I gently began to rub up and down and she began meeting the movements of my hand with her hips. As she pressed harder the combination of the water, the soap and the washcloth, were beginning to make noises (if you know what I mean). I looked to make sure the door was locked and that we weren't going to be disturbed. Then I stiffened my finger beneath the washcloth and slid it so that my finger slipped out from underneath it. Now it was only my finger against her clit.

I have never before been sexually attracted to another woman, but to my surprise I found that as Kim was grinding against my finger, I began to get very wet between my legs. Her breathing and her thrusting movements were both increasing. The soap in her dark pubic hair and the feeling of her clit on my finger was driving me wild. I began to rub a little faster and a little harder and she jumped a little. I knew that if she was going to get off she had better do it soon. We had already been in the bathing room longer than normal.

I leaned into her ear and whispered, 'It's ok Kim, you can cum. Cum Kim. Let it go and cum.' Apparently that's all she needed, because she thrust extra hard, she gasped, her legs stiffened and began to shake she as threw her head back and moaned. I could actually see her pussy lips contracting as her orgasm took control of her entire body! She finally stopped thrusting and relaxed. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, 'Oh, that was great. Thank you so much.' I helped her dry off and helped her back into bed. I went about my work as normal but was extremely horny for the rest of the day.

As soon as my shift ended I went home and rushed into my bedroom. I practically tore my clothes off and laid on the bed and fingered my wet clit fast and hard, and brought back the image of Kim cumming all over my finger back to my mind. In minutes, I had one of the strongest orgasms I have had in months! I jilled myself off and made myself cum to that mental image three times that night, and have been thinking and jilling off to it ever since. Once, just before I came I even called out Kim's name. I will be seeing her again tonight. I don't know if we will have a repeat performance or not. I won't initiate it but if she does, I will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. (Or should I say, finger!).

Brenda C.

Have a good jill!



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