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A Good Sweat

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A year has passed since....


A year ago, I shared my story that happened at my neighborhood barbeque. When Brenda brought me inside to clean my jacket off and proceeded to bring me to a near orgasm. Since, I felt a little shame about it and nothing came up about it. I promised Brenda 'a surprise' but I either never had the nerve or the opportunity to do anything with her remotely sexual. Once again, my friend who showed me this site told me to share this:

Now, two weeks ago, Brenda and I went to the local gym like we usually do. This day, she was quite chatty about her last week-end away with her husband. Off course, she did not really spare the 'juicy details'. I will admit that picturing in my head what they were doing made me a little aroused but we just went on with our workout.

After a good hour of exercising, we called it quit and went to our changing stall. Brenda is a really beautiful woman and that day, her gym outfit was showing her off beautifully. She had these tight pants and a matching sport bra, a real treat to look at. Me, I just had this brown tight track oufit not really showing much.

Brenda was like 'You know Joanne, you never told me of your sexual life'... I told you, she's not shy at all, I just answered 'Nothing I can complain about'. She just had this giggle and went on 'Girl, it was obvious you were enjoying my little stories about me and Roger in bed...'. I could not believe what she was saying but she was right, I still had tingles 'down there' from the thought of her sex stories of this last week-end.

I thought she would drop it and we would proceed to change and go out for coffee. But nothing like that, Brenda came towards me and pressed me against my locker and proceeded to plant a fat kiss on my lips. I did nothing to stop her; hell, I wanted her to carry on and she did. She went on to grab both my boobs and pinch my nipples through my sports bra. I remember I let out some moans and wetness started to fill my panties. Brenda went on and dropped one of her hands to the crotch of my track pants. It felt wonderful to feel the pressure of her fingers over my clit. There is one thing I love in fact it is to be touched over my clothes, especially tight ones like gym wear or leggings.

I did remember too well last year and the way she just walked out before she finished me off... I could not let that happen again this time and I decided to be more bold. I went straight on grabbing her crotch and worked my fingers over the tight fabric of her pants. I don't think she expected that and let out a yelp. This was the first time I was touching a woman in that manner and still nervous I would do it wrong. From the expression of pleasure on her face, I think I was doing a fine job.

Then Brenda brought her hand to the elastic of my pants and pushed into my panties. She had no problem reaching my swollen and wet clit. The direct contact of her fingers on my privates was sending waves of pleasure all over my body. She went between inserting a finger into me and rubbing my clit with strong circles. I was getting so close to such a wonderful orgasm. I was still pressing the tips of my fingers on her parts through her pants, she seemed to enjoy it very much and her breathing was getting heavier and heavier...

A few minutes of this pleasuring from Brenda brought me to one of my most memorable orgasms. My knees went so weak that I collapsed on the chair right next to me. I don't think I had gushed so much before in the hands of anyone, even my husband. Brenda followed me with an orgasm of her own and collapsed on my lap. So here we were, her facing me and stradling me on my lap, both totally spent.

I still cannot believe this happened in fact. Hell, I still cannot believe I wrote about it here... Secretly, I hope more will happen between us. Maybe, this time, I do need to come up with a surprise of my own.



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