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A Good Old Friend

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I called him up from a payphone outside the laundry mat. My own house was an easy walk of two blocks away, his was four, but I was sleep deprived and wearing heels. Thankfully, it was still pretty warm out for being August in Colorado so I waited outside for him to ride up in his white minivan, nick named "The Man Van."

"Hey, what are you doing out this late?" he asked while I got in slowly and clumsily.

"I was at this show and my best friend was just being a total brat and told me to go fuck off... I feel like shit." and I looked it too.

I was wearing my pink plaid skirt, black fishnets, and a see through skank top. I would've looked great if I didn't have that "I haven't slept for thirty eight hours" look on my face.

Anyway, we got back to his house and into his room. I was complaining about insomnia and my feet while he made me Sleepy Time tea and put another blanket on his bed. I finally settled down and he somehow got me into a pair of sweats and a T. I curled up under the blankets and kissed him goodnight. His fingers rested on my hip, and he lightly played on my skin. I cuddled closer and kissed him awkwardly. He started to give me wet kisses on my neck while I wrapped my legs around his. He started to jerk off, and no guy had ever done that in my presence before. I started to play with him too, going faster and slower. But soon my sleepiness started to really mess with my mind and I could not focus on one thing for more than a minute before falling into sleep.

He kept kissing me, and I kept kissing back. I started to rub up on his leg, harder and harder. I kept my eyes closed, and it felt like I was drunk from lack of sleep and for some reason, it just made me feel so good. I rubbed harder and faster and screamed out my orgasm into his pillow. He was so happy that he came right then, all over my stomach, which made me giggle like a little girl again.

He laid back down, I snuggled up, and passed out.

The cool thing about it was I hadn't ever had an orgasm with a guy before. And I haven't since then, either. The way I got off on him is the way I get off in my own private room, his leg substituted a pillow. It was better than any orgasm I've ever had but I'm afraid to ask a guy "Can I hump your leg? It's the only way I get off." It would be a little weird, no?



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