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A Friends Mom

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Hi everyone. My name is Jamie. I am 19 and want to describe something that happened a few weeks ago. I don't know anyone else personally who has had an experience like this but it looks like there are some people who have written about their stories here who may have.

I have a friend named Susan. She and I are pretty close and we each spend some time at each others house. Her mom is divorced and a little younger than my parents. She seems to be more fun loving and joking around than most of the other parents I know. Her name is Janet. I always have fun when I am at Susan's house. Sometimes Janet would be there and sometimes not. When she was she made it obvious that she enjoyed having the two of us around and would make a point to have conversations try to be part of what we were doing.

Anyway, when I turned 18 I noticed a slight change in how Janet acted around me. She still always seemed happy that I was around but even more than that I would sometimes catch her gazing at me in a way that's hard to describe. Kind of like she was lost in thought. This was the year that I started having more intense feelings towards young men and even sometimes with young women. After a while I got the idea that the look on her face matched some of the feelings I starting to have.

Well, that was kind of a startling thought and I did not really think it could be true. But I started doing some testing just to see. I would sometimes wear different kinds of clothing to see if I caught her attention. I definitely noticed that she would watch me and find reasons to be around me and Susan when I was wearing something sexy, like a short skirt or shorts. Once Susan and I even walked around with just cami's and panties on. Her mom did not say anything but seemed to notice! I definitely felt her attention.

Also, there would be times when we might be close like in the kitchen or all three of us on the couch and she would find a reason to touch me on my back or shoulders. On the couch a couple of times she leaned over behind me to reach for the remote and pressed against me as she leaned. One time even pulling her fingertips across the low part of my back when I was wearing a short top. As this kind of progressed I got more and more interested in her and returned those little touches. At first it was just curiosity but it turned into something I liked and thought about. I still did not know just what she was thinking but I know my thoughts got more and more involved and often led to very intense masturbation sessions. I was starting to get more and more involved thoughts about women in general too and as I learned better how to flirt I felt like I could practice on her. Sometimes I would even kind of flirt or be physical with Susan in a playful way to see how her mom responded.

Once when I was over there spending the night. We were all in the kitchen and Susan left to talk to her boyfriend on the phone. My back was itching and I was rubbing it against the door frame to scratch it. Janet noticed and asked if I wanted her to scratch it. I said sure and turned around so she could. She first just kind of rubbed my shirt and asked how it was. It still itched and I told her so. She asked if I wanted her to scratch it under my shirt. I said yes and she pulled my shirt up and put her hands under it to scratch with her fingernails. It felt really good. Not only because it eased the itch but also I liked feeling her hands on my back. She scratched for a while and then just rubbed her hands up and down my back. I got goosebumps. She asked how it felt and I said really good. She said she was glad and then took her hands out from my shirt and pulled it down. I turned and we just kind of smiled at each other.

That night I was incredibly horny thinking about it but could not do anything while laying in bed with Susan. I did though find myself getting kind of physical with her, laying close touching her hands as we talked and stuff. But it still left me feeling crazy horny.

Early the next morning I woke up really thirsty. Susan was still sound asleep and I got up to go to the kitchen and get some water or juice. I was just wearing an oversized tshirt and did not expect to see anyone. Janet was already up though and in at the kitchen bar having coffee. I was surprised to see her because she was quiet but she said she'd heard me coming down the stairs. I got a glass of water. I was behind her and decided to return the back scratching favor.

While she was sitting on the stool I reached out and scratched her back. She was a little startled so I just said I was returning the favor from last night. She said that she liked that and I could scratch her back anytime. I moved a little closer and was scratching rubbing with both hands when she asked if I would scratch her skin. I said ok. She undid the bottom button on her pj top so I could reach under the back part and I pulled it up a little and started scratching and rubbing her back. It felt electric to me.

I asked her if she liked it and she said 'oh yes' and that it felt really good. Then she thanked me and I pulled away and started to get my water to go back to the bedroom. She called my name and when I turned to look at her she said that she really enjoyed when I was around. I said I really enjoyed being around too and then I held my arms up to hug her. She put her arms out and I walked up to her and we started hugging. It became a prolonged hug. I pulled her a little closer to me and she pulled me a little closer to her.

She was sitting on the stool in a way that her leg was at an angle and I was straddling it which meant I could feel her leg between my legs. It was definitely pressing against me and I was pressing against her leg. I moved as close as I could to her so she could feel me between hers as well. Then I turned to her cheek and gave her a little peck. She then gave me a peck on my cheek. Then I kissed her neck. She just said 'ohhh' and she turned her face so we were facing each other very close. I leaned in and put my lips on hers, then pulled back. She hugged me even tighter and we both moved our lips to each others and after a few seconds opened our mouths, kissing with our tongues.

I was quivering and I think she was too! Her hands were moving up and down my back on the outside of my shirt and then she pulled it up to rub my back directly. Then I felt them touching the tops of my panties and rubbing my panties across my butt. We kept kissing like that for a long time it seemed. Probably just a minute or two though. Luckily Susan did not come down though hopefully we would have heard her. At some point we broke the embrace and both looked at each other and held hands. Then she said 'Thanks' and said I should get back to the bedroom. I got my water and went back but was so worked up I could not handle it. I went to the bathroom and took a shower so that I could masturbate. Then I got dried off and went in and cuddled up to Susan. I found out later that Janet had to go to her room to take care of herself the same way!

Hope this has not been too long a story. I don't get many chances to tell it as you can imagine.



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