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A First for Me

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I have found many great stories here. This story of mine is not a huge deal but it was quite fun at the time. I was 18 at the time and so were my two friends.


Back then I had two male friends Tom and Ricky that I had grown up with since my mom and I moved into the complex six years before. We were no more than very good friends all that time.

One summer day we were all together talking about how Tom and his girlfriend had just broken up. During the conversation Tom said how he would miss her hot body and great sex. Ricky joked saying he would have to go back to the old days like before. Tom gave Ricky a mean look and said shut up. Ricky kept on poking fun and said why shut up, Shooter? Tom again told him to be quiet then I knew something was up.

I asked what Shooter meant then Ricky laughed. Tom covered his face and got up and walked around in circles saying 'Oh my god'. Ricky said that was a nick-name he was given a few years ago. Long story short......Ricky told me they used to jerk off with two other guys while looking at pictures of naked women. He said that Tom was called Shooter because he squirted his cum real far.

By this time Tom was laying down on the grass still covering his face. We were all laughing about what Ricky just told me. I found it very interesting and quite a turn on to think that they had watched each other jerking off.

I started to probe bit more about jerking off telling them I had nobody else to ask and they should tell me because they were my friends.

Tom sat up and took his hands away from his face then said, 'OK, what do you want to know'. A whole new world was opening before me and I had info available straight from the source!

I started to ask lots of questions about how often they did it and what they thought about. One of the things Ricky said was that he never had a girlfriend before and he liked to think about cumming on girls tits while he jerked off. Tom started to laugh then bragged about how he had done it with his ex-girlfriend. Ricky said he did not believe him and Tom said you don't have to but I did it.

I was getting real turned on talking to the guys about this so I offered my own confession. I told them I had only been with one guy and I liked to masturbate watching late night soft porn movies. They both were very interested once I admitted that to them, then the questions started to fly.

After a while of us all telling about our masturbation delights I had a great idea that I wanted to make happen. The converstion went like this.

Me. Remember how you guys talked about wanting to squirt on a girls tits?

Them. Yah.

Me. Since my mom's at work why don't we go back to my house and you guys can try it on me?

Ricky. Really? You mean on your tits?

Me. Sure.

Ricky. Wow! Tom we gotta try this! Come on lets go now!

Tom was a bit more set back by this judging on how he said nothing. I then said, 'well, are we going or not'? Ricky was already walking toward the door saying lets go then Tom got up and with a big smile said, 'I'm in'.

Now all the while I was saying these things I was so excited I was trembling inside. As we walked to my house I could not believe that I had just asked these guys to cum on my boobs. What had I just done I asked myself. It felt very sexual thinking about what was about to happen.

We went directly to the basement and I closed the blinds on the small windows. I put on all the lights then we all stood looking at each other. Ricky asked what he should do. I said I guess you guys have to get your clothes off first. Ricky was naked within seconds and Tom was still fully clothed. Ricky had a full hard penis and I could not believe how far out it was sticking. He was skinny and so was his penis but it was so long!

I turned to Tom and asked 'are you going to join in'? He started to undress then there were two hard cocks in front of me. Tom had a nice size erection too, His was not as long and was much thicker.

I held up my end of the deal and took off my clothes. As I was taking off my bra Ricky was already moving his hand back and forth on his hard cock. I could not take my eyes off his cock now. I had never seen a guy jerking off before and it looked so nice and made me feel so hot!

Now I was naked and both guys commented on how nice my boobs looked without clothes on. Ricky said he always liked it when he would see my nipples pocking through my clothes.

I told them it was time to do what they said they were going to and I sat down on my knees with my hands on my heels pushing my boobs out nice and far. Both guys got real close and started to stroke their cocks looking down at me while I looked up so close to their hard cocks.

I told them to make it last as long as they wanted and that I was enjoying the show. It was less than a minute more before Ricky took a few deep breaths then said I'm cuming now then squirted his nice warm cum on my tits. He was groaning and swaying his hips and his cum squirted out about six inches each time then it went to a few drops but he did not stop stroking his cock even once he stopped squirting. Finally he stopped and said how that was the best thing he had ever done in his life.

Tom kept stroking his cock looking down at me as I now held my hard tits waiting for his cum. I told him make it last but soon I knew he was about to squirt. I let go of my boobs then held onto my heels again pushing out my cum covered boobs waiting for more cum to start. Tom was stroking faster then slowed down and said here it comes, then he started to squirt. The first squirt hit the top of my boobs and bounced onto my cheek then about three or four more long hard squirts came out each one with large loads onto my boobs shoulder cheek and neck. Tom's orgasm was very hard and so nice to watch. Once he stopped moving he sat down on the rug then laid on the floor with his cum covered hand on his belly and one over his head.

Ricky was sitting on a chair still watching with a half hard cock in his hand slowly moving it up and down. I leaned forward and their cum started to run down my body. I wiped off my cheek and smiled telling them we had bever had this much fun before. As I was still wiping my cheek Ricky asked if he could do it again. I said sure and he was hard and stroking again. It took him a while sitting there as Tom and I watched him stroking his cock again. We all said nothing for about five minutes then he stood up and walked over to me while blowing hard out of his mouth then blasted me with a bit more cum. His very long penis was being stroked so fast that his hand was almost a blur. He did not squirt much cum this time but was his orgasm ever hard! He was loud and moved around quite a bit as he finished a second orgasm on my tits.

I got up and went to the powder room to wipe down. I closed the door then looked in the mirror. Seeing all that cum was so hot and I had not had an orgasm. For the first time in my life I tasted cum. I watched myself in the mirror scoop cum off my body then drip it on my tongue. I loved the taste. I just looked at myself in the mirror then I began to scoop as much as I could and licked every drop off my fingers. I pushed my boobs as close to my mouth as I could so I could just reach some of the cum still left with my tongue sticking out.

I went back to the room and both guys were dressed. I was quite unhappy about that because I fully planned to masturbate in front of them. I knew it would not be long before my mom would be home so I did not have a lot of time. I dressed and the guys left.

I went to my room and masturbated to quite a few good orgasms before mom got home, then later that night I spent a good two hours reliving that day while my clit got the best workout ever. I was so orgasmed out that when I stopped I fell asleep without even washing up.

The next morning I went right back to the thoughts of the guys squirting on my boobs and face plus how nice their cum tasted. I had more orgasms both the night before and that whole next day that I had never thought possible. When my fingers got sore I used my electric toothbrush on my clit. My lower body even hurt for a few days from all the heaving with my orgasms. After that second day I had to leave my clit alone. I have never had such a tender clit. When I was able to masturbate again I found my orgasms were better than ever. I owe it all to my two great friends.



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