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A Family Night at the Hotel

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 A Family Night at the Hotel

A nice surprise on the road with the kids.


In my job I travel a lot and on short trips I will bring my wife and two young kids.  They can have fun at the hotel while I am gone, swimming or seeing the sights and we can all have a fun dinner together.  We were staying at a nice brand hotel in SF and came back from dinner.  We got the kids cleaned up and joined them in the pj's/robe.  We relaxed on our beds watching TV until the kids went to bed.  While the kids watched a hotel rental movie, I game my wife a nice back rub.  I had done this 100's of times because she has earned it and she enjoys it.  I usually find a way to go low above her butt and sneak around the sides to brush both of her breasts.  I rubbed her neck and her head for probably 30 minutes.  While I do this, I usually get a slight hard-on, and this time was not different.  

As she was getting the kids tucked into bed, I went over to the window to take in the beautiful SF skyline.  I reached under my robe to give my cock a squeeze and rub in my 30 minutes worth of pre-cum on the head of my cock.  I figured this hard on would go to waste. 

My wife came up behind me and gave me a big hug around my chest and thanked me for the back rub.  She then reached in my robe and wrapped her hand around my semi-hard cock, giving it a couple of tugs and rubbing my pre-cum on the tip of my cock.  She whispered in my ear, 'I am horny'.  She continued to rub my cock, and man it felt good.  I told her if she keeps it up I am going to cum all over the window.  She whispered to me again, 'I want you to cum in my mouth'.  

I turned around and we kissed, fully and passionately.  We moved away from the window a few steps and she turned me so my back was facing the kids.  She bent down, looked up at me and started one of the greatest blow jobs she ever gave me.  She sucked it long, hard and deep.  She played with the engorged head of my cock, making little popping sounds.  She moaned when she went deep.  It was incredible.  I could only go so long with this level of talent and told her I was about to come.  She looked up at me , with those I want it eyes, and went fast and hard to the end.  I exploded in her mouth, and as usual she swallowed it all.  She kept squeezing my cock until the last drop came out, licking that off with her tongue.  This was such a great blow job, I was still hard.  She kept sucking, looked up at me and said, 'awe, it's still hard'. 

She stood up and kissed me deeply, still holding on to my hard cock.  I could taste my cum in her mouth, which never bothered me.  She wanted more.  She walked me over to the bathroom area, which had a small wall blocking the kids.  She leaned against the counter and started kissing me again.  She was stroking my cock and I was feeling all over her body.  I lifted up her nightgown and went after her fantastic breasts.  I loved kissing her nipples and tonight so did she.  I kept moving down to her belly and her thighs.  She put one of her legs up on my shoulder and opened up her wonderful and swollen pussy.  I went to work, licking the full length of her pussy, enjoying the taste.  She was very wet.  I went deep with my tongue, going in and out, touching on her clit when I came out.  She was holding the sides of my head, directing me and loving it.  

She pulled me up and kissed me again, sharing tongues and tasting herself.  She bent down in front of me and starting sucking on my cock again.  I was leaking again and she enjoyed cleaning me up and getting me wet.  She stood up, turned around, leaned over the counter, reached back and guided me into her pussy.  It was wonderful.  I started slowly, enjoying watching my cock disappear into her pussy over and over again.  She was enjoying it, moaning softly and pinching her nipples to get even more pleasure.  I picked up the pace and she was using a towel to muffle her moans.  I was getting close and she was moving into my deep thrusts, coming over and over again.  I started going as fast as I could, feeling her tighten up with each orgasm.  I finally came and let out a moan as quietly as I could.  I kept moving in and out of her as a softened, which we both liked, until I slipped out of her double wet pussy.  I watched my cum leak out of her, using my cock head to rub it all over the outside of her pussy.  She stood up, kissed me again and we got cleaned up.

We climbed into bed, spooning a little bit, which always made me hard.  I was kissing her neck and shoulders, feeling her right breast and she started grinding her ass into my now hard cock.  She turned her head and offered me her tongue, with another great kiss.  I lowered myself a little bit and aimed my cock between her legs.  She held guide me into her still wet pussy and let out a groan, putting her face into her pillow.  She always said this angle always made me feel a little thicker and longer, which isn't a bad thing.  I went as slow as I could, taking the time to enjoy this great sex.  She came a few times, stiffening and moaning into the pillow.  I picked up the rhythm and little and was getting close to cuming again.  A few more thrusts and I came again, burying my head into my pillow to not wake the kids.  We kissed again as I slipped out of her, making a mess of the hotel sheets, but we didn't care.  

We turned over and went to sleep.  What a great night of sex.  One of our best ever.  I often think about that blow job when I am in the shower and always have a great cum by myself.  It gets me hard just writing about it.  



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