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A Damp Task

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A task from my master, who enjoys my humiliations. I was to be allowed no orgasm unless I managed it standing, after having pee'd my pants in the shower. I was allowed to make myself as aroused as I wished before attempting this. But the panties needed to be urine-soaked and against your pussy when I came, and I could only come standing.

After drinking a glass or so of water, and bringing myself to the edge of orgasm three times I headed to the shower. At this point the task was, at least, quicker than I'd expected.

Bringing myself to the edge of orgasm several times was simple enough. One hand rubbing at the hood of my clit, while the other randomly played with nipples, brushed thighs. With my master's clips of inspiration and the chat we had beforehand, I was slick before I got started. The panties I was wearing were on the older side and had developed a hole near the top when I was scratching earlier in the day. This made for easier access while sitting.

Browsing around some online porn here and there was sufficient to keep things humming as I brought myself to the edge three times. When the third came almost as soon as I touched myself, I decided that meant I was pushing it if I tried again.

Off to the shower. Decided to half kneel/squat to pee due to noise concerns. Which meant peeing through the panties and having it run across the back of my thighs and calves because of the way the fabric directed it. This took a small bit of time to get to. Though once going; well I didn't have to force myself to keep going once started. No water was on yet, so the puddle was obvious running to the drain and the scent was equally obvious. Panties clung unpleasantly, warm and then cooling.

I ran a bit of water to rinse the puddle a bit, but, not knowing how long it would take, didn't really want to run the shower fully yet. I began masturbating with just that clitoral stimulation through the small hole (getting bigger through this activity). I imagined reporting to my master, sitting/kneeling at his knee, damp panties still on, while he masturbated to the tale, intending to finish on my face and hair.

Back in reality, I stood so I could lean forward and touch my forehead to the tile when I needed to, when dizzy. I couldn't stand fully, legs straight, but remained standing without leaning a knee to anything to brace myself. I came very close at least four times before managing to push over the crest of that wave and come, knees bent and shaking hard. The position makes it more difficult, thus the number of times getting close before finishing.

Removed the panties and set them aside before showering off. Tidied before returning to report to my master.



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