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A Cousin Masturbated With My Bikini Bottoms

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Over Memorial Day weekend, I suspect one of Owen's cousins masturbated with my bikini bottoms.  I might be partly responsible...

My hubby, Owen, has a very large extended family, and we were spending time with cousins over the Memorial Day holiday.  One of his cousins has a pool, and they just opened it for the season.  We had a lucky afternoon with no rain, so of course we wanted to swim over their place and enjoy a meal together.



Most of the afternoon, I was in a bikini swimming, eating, and just chatting with people.  Occasionally, I put on a very light white wrap to protect my shoulders from the sun.  My swimsuit is forest green with white ties, and it's a little revealing, but not inappropriate.  It shows some cleavage and the bottoms are rather low rise, but the proper coverage is there to wear around family.





I started to notice that one of the younger cousins, Ryan, was taking particular interest in me.  He's in high school, tall, has some muscle definition, and has sandy blonde hair.  There were some "my eyes are up here" moments when he seemed to space out during conversations in and out of the pool with me, but I didn't say anything.  Catching himself, Ryan had momentary looks of fear immediately afterwards, but quickly returned to normal once he realized he had "gotten away with it".





As we ate burgers at a table, I was sitting on the long end of the table, and Ryan was next to me, but at the head of the table.  I could tell he was still checking me out every moment he thought he could.  My top's straps needed to be redone, as the material was getting looser around my boobs.  He was getting a pretty good view, and I was actually enjoying the attention.  Although he thought he couldn't be seen, I could tell his right hand was near his crotch over his swim trunks.  Ryan was squeezing and rubbing, but trying to not be obvious.





I felt a little sorry for Ryan.  He was clearly charged up and needed to release, and that started to get me aroused, too.  When nobody was paying attention, I decided to give Ryan a little reward for his dedicated attention.  I turned a little more toward him and started adjusting my top and straps, purposefully being a little careless.  I ended up flashing him, and he's now got a lasting image of my boobs and full nipples.  His right hand was going to town more aggressive beneath the table.





Once adjusted, I got up and walked behind him on my way back to the house.  I looked down, and just as I suspected, his penis was hard in his coral-colored swim trunks.  He was nonchalantly rubbing the tip of his penis through the material, thinking the table was hiding his actions.





I made my way to the guest bathroom.  When I closed the door, I put a hand down my bottoms and rubbed my aroused pussy.  I played for a bit before getting self-conscious about my time away from the group.  Just that little bit of play eased a lot of the tension, and I would be good until later.  When I pulled my bottoms off, some clear stands of my wetness pulled from my pussy.  I pressed and wiped the thicker crotch material against my pussy to clean up the excess, and then quickly got dressed.  The bathroom was very spacious, and the hosts had a couple of drying racks out that people were putting their damp swimsuits on after changing.  I put mine on one of the top rungs and rejoined the group.





When I was back outside, I was social and having a good time.  I did notice that Ryan had left the pool, presumably to use the bathroom.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but the next time I saw him was quite a while later.





As we said our goodbyes and started to gather our belongings, I went back to the bathroom to grab Owen's swimsuit along with mine.  My bottom piece must have gotten knocked off at some point and was laying on the ground under the rack.  I picked them up and went to untwist and fold them to put in our swim bag.  There was a large, wet stain, faintly-white, that extended from the mid-bum area to the crotch gusset.  I brought it to my nose and breathed in.  Cum.  Undoubtedly semen.  Even with the pool smell still lingering on the suit, there was definitely a distinction that was the all-too-familiar semen scent.  It looked like someone did a haphazard and rushed cleaning attempt that ultimately just smeared the cum and failed.  My mind can only come to the one reasonable conclusion that Ryan wrapped my bottoms around his cock, masturbated, and blew his load all over them.  I was so conflicted about how to feel.  Should I be embarrassed, flattered, angry, shocked, or even a little turned on?  I knew he was horny, and he did have that quick peekaboo view of my boobs, but I didn't expect this escalation.  Did he get a whiff or taste of my pussy, too?  My mind was everywhere!





I talked with Owen on the ride home, and he didn't believe me at first.  Maybe it was sunscreen?  Yeah, no.  When we got home, I showed it to him and he took a quick smell.  "Well, smells like cum", he said after a second and trying to contain a laugh.  He told me to relax and be flattered by it.  He said that any guy, including himself, would have done the same thing in his situation.





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