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A Collection Of Thoughts, Part 3

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I like writing short stories; very short stories of random sexual thoughts, confessions, fantasies and ideas whenever they pop into my brain. I also share short posts as status updates in my profile, in case you're interested.

This is part 3. Please enjoy.


March 3rd, 2024



I have tried a lot of different toys on my nipples - little bullet vibes, butterfly clips, clamps, you name it! But nothing gets me off quite like having my tits sucked. My nipples are so sensitive - they're like little radar dishes designed to detect pleasure signals and send them straight down to my pussy and ass and all over the rest of my body too.



My breasts have developed faster than any other girls that I know. I was only young when I could fill out a training bra, and in my mid-teens, I already had a full D cup. By the time I was 18, they were huge - F cups! I have grown more and I wear a 40J bra now. I have some 40I bras as well, but I like the J cup more as I like my bra cup to be a little loose.



March 5th, 2024



The problem with having such big tits is that they attract attention. People stare at me on the bus or wherever I go, and it makes me feel embarrassed sometimes, but it's a fun kind of embarrassment; I wonder what people are thinking when they stare! Do they imagine sucking on my big hard nipples? It turns me on to think that people want to touch me or fuck my tits, and if I'm wearing a tight top I can make them jiggle around for everyone to see. Sometimes I wear nipple pasties that just cover the very tips of my nipples, so you can still tell what I've got underneath the thin fabric but you can't see the whole thing - it makes me feel naughty and sexy!



March 7th, 2024



Nipple play is fantastic, especially with another girl. My favourite thing to do is sit facing each other with our legs spread wide and bring our breasts together so that our nipples rub against each other. We can look down between our boobs and see them both rubbing each other, which feels incredible! I love to suck on her nipples while she sucks mine - we can get into a great rhythm and it makes me come like crazy. I can also have multiple orgasms this way, one after the other until my pussy starts to hurt! When I masturbate by myself I usually suck my own nipples while I finger my pussy, which works really well too!



March 8th, 2024



I love having my tits fucked - a nice big cock sliding in and out of my cleavage feels amazing and seeing how my nipples are getting all wet with his pre-come makes me so horny! Of course, there's always the ultimate fantasy - two guys fucking my tits at once! That would be awesome; they could take turns sucking my nipples while they fuck my tits and then cum all over them, too - I'd love that!



I'm also a tit wank fan - when he pulls his cock out and wanks it, then slides it in my cleavage and keeps fucking me until he shoots all over my boobs. I love watching him fuck my boobs - it's so hot.




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