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A Brief History of Masturbation

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I am naked while writing this story.


I am a nudist, and I have been practicing nudism since pre-adolescence. As early as 9 years old I had seen the connection of nudity and sexuality. Well, of course, we can't simply conclude that nudity means sex or vice versa, but we can say that both emphasize each other.

I began to have sexual imagination about nude people, as I have stated above, at 9. I saw my dad's book about drawing human figure which displayed nude study. The nude women in the book looked happy and casual with their nakedness, which made me excited, but I didn't realize whether I had a boner or not. Yet the pictures never left my mind and I began to wonder how it feels to get naked casually. So I decided to get naked without a purpose such as go to shower. Just naked, plain and simple. However, since my family and society view nudity in terms of taboo, I did it secretly in my locked room or when nobody was at home but me. I had not known anything about nudism or naturism by then, anyway. I just felt good with it.

There were times when I spent my day alone at home and then got naked, and I took my dad's book from his shelf. I stared at the pictures while contemplating my nakedness. It felt so good and I had my first boner. It happened around my tenth year. I began to search my dad's old books and found erotic novels from his college years, with hot illustrations on the covers. Coincidentally, my schoolmates introduced me to porn. All these things brought me to sexuality. I guess I already had my first wet dreams but by then I couldn't differ it from pee. Ha!

One night, at the age of 12, I couldn't sleep. I was clothed, and felt uncomfortable. So I locked the door, stripped off and lay down naked in my bed. I hugged my pillow and I had a boner. I felt so excited when my cock pushed against the pillow. Suddenly I had the urge to play with it, and that was what I did. I stroked the rod, pinched and pulled the foreskin, and I arrived at the point when it felt so great that I wanted to do it more and more! Unexpectedly something within my cock exploded and I saw something creamy white spurted out of it. It felt extremely great but then I panicked as I realized it was my sperm and it splattered on my bed sheet! I quickly and silently wiped it with a used loincloth, got dressed and tried to sleep with a guilty feeling.

As time went by I realized that I could bring myself to cum with my hand. One day my friend lent me a cheap, small porn magazine. I was so glad to find it stimulated my sexual excitement so much, and I started masturbating to it. When our house was installed with internet access, I waited until finally I had my first time alone with the net and opened the first site in my mind that related to porn: Playboy. At first some centerfold previews were enough for me to cum. But then I began to search other adult sites and found lots of them. By then, web and porn movies I borrowed from my friends were primary materials for my masturbation. However I still felt guilty about it.

I learnt about nudism and naturist lifestyle also from the web. I have mentioned that my family and society view nudity as taboo and during my teen years I also discovered their negative view on nudity as a form of sexual depravity. I can't describe how glad I was to find such healthy social lifestyle which views nudity as normal and beneficial. I began to switch my main attention from usual sex porn to nudism materials or artistic nudity. (Some call it erotic art or glamour photography.) For me, both are equally beautiful. Other porn became low priority. However I still hid myself to get naked, in respect to my social values. I was so grateful to find that there are closet nudists, those who feel too risky to get naked in public where such acts are regarded as social defects.

I joined many online discussion groups and forums where nudists around the world could meet; one of them was with Christian-based. It was awesome to find such Christian society which values nudity as good, since we are created and born nude! Most of these groups, religious or not, also view masturbation as a VERY NORMAL and NATURAL ACT! The Christian groups, however, argued that porn, dirty lusts and addiction must be separated so masturbation can be a rightful thing to do. So I followed the advice, and after I tried masturbating without porn, I felt as if I were back to my preteen age where nudity and masturbation are mutually beneficial. And it was awesome! I felt like having enlightenment! Nudity is healthy, masturbation is healthy, and both are done in positive term. Since then, I masturbate regularly. I found out that if I masturbate regularly, I can avoid unhealthy sexual urges or conceptions which may lead to unacceptable sexual act, including unhealthy ways of, or impulsive, masturbation.

Then, recently, I found Solo Touch site. I must say that this site is so great. People, even from tender ages, may share their experience with masturbation. The site also teaches and encourages us to masturbate and view masturbation as a good, healthy, natural, normal and even important thing in our life. I masturbate regularly and sometimes I use stories from Solo Touch to give me a good mood to masturbate. I tell you guys, your stories, which encourage everyone to masturbate, single or together, really bring me to boner. I don't thing it is a porn or dirty material. It is a healthy sexual education for everybody. So I masturbate to your stories in appreciation to your experience and this great site. I also need to contribute my experience and here I am.



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