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A Breeze Up My Skirt

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I learned how sensuous it can feel to have a breeze blow up my skirt.


I was wearing a bathrobe. I had to take the new puppy outside so that he didn't pee in the house. I didn't mind very much since he was a very cute little guy and he had formed a real attachment to me, anyway.

It was still pretty dark outside when he woke me with his usual bark. I looked at the clock and groaned a little bit, but I got out of bed anyway and put on my bathrobe and slippers to let the pooch out to do his business.

It was a really nice morning and there was just a little breeze that I felt around my legs. As I watched the little guy do his business, the feeling of the breeze around my legs began to be interesting to me. My mind was wandering and I considered what it must be like for a girl in a skirt to feel this. I wondered if she liked it and if it was one reason girls liked to wear skirts.

I had been trying on feminine clothing for as long as I could remember by that time. I just hadn't had the guts to wear anything outside.

I definitely enjoyed wearing pretty feminine things and I look pretty fem anyway. I was always teased about it by the other boys in school, but I didn't have any problems meeting girls and I always had a girlfriend. Some of them liked the fact that I really enjoyed going shopping with them and I have an eye for fashion, too.

For what it's worth, I am definitely hetero and truly enjoy doing things with girls. Boys don't do anything for me at all. I always find myself explaining that, but people who meet me thing I'm gay or bi or something. I'm just more fem than most boys, I guess.

Well, my curiosity (and other things) was aroused. I went to bed making plans for the morning and after I got up, my parents both had to go to work and my sister left to do things with her friends. I was alone and would be for some hours.

I went to my mom's closet and found a pretty blouse and her pleated Pendleton skirt. I borrowed a pair of nice flats that she had (I could wear most of her things, but I was just a bit too large to get into my sister's things by that time).

Raiding her lingerie drawer, I found a pretty bra and panty set, a lacey garter belt, a pair of tan stockings, and a half slip.

Taking all of this to my room, I first showered, shaving my legs and my face closely. After I dried myself off, I found the package of small balloons that I kept for the purpose, filled two of them with warm water to about a C cup size and tied them off carefully.

Next, I pulled on the panties and got into the bra, adding the water balloons to the cups. These always made a convincingly real shape and bounce.

I put the garter belt on and then pulled the stockings up my legs and attached them to the garters. I pulled on the half slip and then sat down to do my makeup at mom's vanity in her room.

I kept it simple and just brushed my hair back, using hairclips that I had borrowed from my sister. I had been growing my hair out and it was long enough I could look like a girl or a boy whenever I wanted.

After I put on a little blush, eye shadow and lipstick, I went back to my room and put on the blouse and skirt. I slid into the shoes and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like an ordinary girl dressed a little more nicely than most girls but not really too much different.

I put on some earrings that I had. My ears were already pierced. I put on a simple necklace and a girls watch that I had found somewhere and I was almost ready to go. I threw my keys into a small purse that I had and some money and my ID and I took a big breath. I was ready to go out.

I got in my car and drove to a nice park in the center of town. I parked and got out and locked it, putting my keys in my purse. After I looked around and straightened out my clothes, I began to take a walk.

I tried to act naturally, just like anybody taking a walk on a nice day and there weren't many people around. Nobody really noticed me and I eventually got over feeling self-conscious and just enjoyed the morning.

The air was still a little cool and I could feel a breeze around my legs again. This felt amazing. I tried stepping out a little more to feel the breeze under my skirt some more and I tried just standing in different places to see what it would feel like in different positions.

I definitely liked the feeling of the air around my legs and under my skirt above my stocking tops.

It just felt so marvellous that I couldn't understand why girls didn't wear skirts all the time. I knew that I would if I could.

By the time I walked around the little lake in the park, I was definitely feeling that lovely tingly sensation between my legs. So far, the skirt had enough fullness and my panties were tight enough that I wasn't showing anything to the world, but I wasted no time getting back in my car.

I drove to a more deserted parking lot and, on the way, really enjoyed feeling my cock getting stiffer under my pretty things.

I parked and reached into the back seat for a roll of paper towels that I keep back there. I had a few of them ready and I began to seduce the girl in me.

I touched myself through my pretty blouse and felt up my boobs through my bra. I ran my hands down my sides, my tummy, my hips and thighs to my knees. I love how my legs feel through stockings and I touched them all the way from my ankles up my legs and under my skirt to the tops.

I followed the garters up to my panties and then touched myself through them, finally finding the stiffness in my panties and the wetness at the tip.

Slipping my fingers under the leg band of my panties, I freed my hard cock and began to stroke it. I used the silky nylon of my slip and that made me feel amazingly sexy and hot.

It didn't take very long and I knew I was going to cum hard. I grabbed my towels and wrapped them over the head of my cock as I didn't want to make a mess in my mom's nice things and I shot a good load, moaning and shuddering.

I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the after glow. I must have looked a sight, a nicely dressed girl with her skirt hiked up to her waist, revealing a softening cock wrapped in towels soaked in cum.

I looked around quickly and was relieved to see that I was still all alone. I cleaned myself up and made myself look presentable, pulling down my skirt and driving back home.

I got back in plenty of time to enjoy another session in a different outfit before I had to put things away.

I came back to the house, and my sister came home. She looked at me oddly for a moment before I went to my room where I realized that I still had my makeup on. That led to interesting discussions with her on other occasions...



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