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1st Intercourse With A Woman

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This was the 1st time I had sex with a woman.

Back-story: To avoid this, scroll down to "Agathe: Noreen's Mom."  For the sexy part of the story, scroll to "The Good Part."


I was still a virgin man at this time.


If you've read other stories I posted, you would be familiar with my older Filipina friend, Noreen. Our friendship ran deeper than just the incidents posted here.  In those days, she'd been in a relationship with a much older (and married man).  After nearly five years, she was ready to move on.  She called, requesting help with moving and cleaning out the apartment. She was transferring.

*Several years had passed since the story, "Footjob From Noreen". I was now stationed several hundred miles away. We never saw each other after my transfer, and we rarely spoke. At the time she called, my enlistment was nearing its end. I would be moving back to NY, more than 1000 miles away. I was overjoyed at seeing her, perhaps just one last time.  I did not.


Agathe: Noreen's Mom


When I arrived at the apartment, her mother (whom I'd never met) was there. Unbeknownst to me, she had moved her mother from the Philippines to the US. Noreen had already transferred to a new duty station. Her mother would follow her in a few days. She (Noreen) never told me she would not be there. I felt as though she'd tricked me. Insulted, yes, but mostly hurt. Noreen's mother sensed my hurt and hugged me to console me.  


Agathe, Noreen's mother, was 51. Though she looked good for her age, she was older than my own mother.  I felt no physical urges for her... yet.



There was a lot of cleaning and arranging to do. I'll save you the boring details, except that we had wonderful conversations as we worked. By the end of the day, everything was cleaned, packed and ready for shipping, including the bed frame. All that remained was a mattress on the floor. After one last night in the apartment it too would be packed. Agathe and I ate take-out food on paper plates.  Having done the bulk of the heavy work, I was a bit sweaty. Agathe suggested I shower while she cleaned up supper.  She had me pass my clothes to her through the cracked-open door. She would run one last load of laundry with my clothes and hers. I thought nothing of it at first.



*The Good Part 


I had not thought about sleeping arrangements. Wrapped only in a towel, I shyly left the bathroom. All lights in the apartment were off except for a tiny reading lamp. Agathe was on the mattress in a robe. Her long black hair was now down. Taller than her daughter, her legs were long and toned. Despite her age, she was gorgeous. 


Tapping the bed, she said, "Come here, Ray."  I was nervous and shy.  



"You were a very good friend to my daughter. She told me many nice things about you. It is not right what she did to you about this (the move)."



She continued, "My husband leave me (broken english) for young woman. I guess I not pretty no more." Though she was frowning, her demeanor seemed flirtatious.  



"Of course you are pretty."  Then I added, "Why did Noreen trick me?  Is she angry with me?" I was nearly in tears as I lay on the mattress.



"You are sweet boy, Ray."  Then, smiling, she pulled open my towel. I was fully exposed to her.  My heart beat faster.  "Make me feel pretty, Ray."  



Laying on her side, she undid the belt of her robe.  Her body was partially exposed. She pulled me close to her, guiding my lips to her ample breast. I took a nipple in my mouth.  I sobbed as I suckled. Agathe rubbed my head.  "Shh. It's OK, Ray. You are sweet and handsome".  Pulling my head from her breast, she kissed me deeply and smiled.  She undid the robe, laid back, and pulled me on top of her. I knew what was happening. My pulse and breath were racing. 



Staring at me with almost a motherly smile, she parted her legs. She took my cock into her soft, warm hands and guided me to her vagina.  I could see my cock approaching the fur of her vagina, and it was too much.  I lost control and ejaculated before entering her. It felt great while it happened, but I was embarrassed. I apologized profusely.  I was also disappointed that I lost my chance to lose my virginity. She was amazing and understanding. 



She smiled and said, "I guess I am pretty for you!" She made no attempt to clean the fluids off herself. 



We returned to our sides, facing each other naked. We hugged and made small talk.  All the while, my hands explored her body.  She let me stroke and kiss her breasts, belly, the flesh of her butt.  My hands ran down her thighs and to her pussy.  Several times, she took my hand and guided it in a way she liked.  I got hard again.



Like an hour earlier, Agathe, again, took my cock into her soft hands and spread her legs.  



She kissed my earlobe and whispered. "Relax, Ray. Don't worry. Do what feel good. Even if happen again, it's OK."



Again, I watched as my cock was led toward her fur. Extremely excited and less nervous, I watched the head of my cock touch the folds of her vagina.  The feeling as it slipped inside her was amazing.  The heat, softness, and wetness of her pussy made my whole body warm.  For the 1st time in my life, I was inside a woman.  My whole length of me inside her, she wrapped her legs around my lower back. She kissed my ears, neck and mouth while leading the rhythm of my thrusting.  



I looked at her with desperate eyes; I stuttered, "I don't want to finish fast again." She smiled and kissed me, "It's ok, no matter what. Do what feel good."  After several minutes, she started moving her pelvis, meeting my thrusts. Then- "Do it now, Ray. Ohhhh. Do it now! Release it!"



I looked at her angelic, beautiful face and put a hand on her breast. I felt my balls tense, contract and spasm as I came inside a woman for the 1st time.  With every cell in my body, I pumped my fluids deep inside this amazing woman.  All of you reading this know what that moment feels like.  You all know what it feels like the first time.  Please, allow yourself to remember back to it.  I hope all of you, men and women, are rubbing yourselves, remembering that first time.



Agathe and I slept in an embrace that night. I made love to her again in the morning. We showered together (amazing). After a bit of last-minute packing, I hugged Agathe goodbye.  



Epilogue: Sadly, I would never see Agathe or even Noreen again. There were a few letters and phone calls through the years, but even those stopped a long time ago. Marriages, divorces, and other life drama got in the way of rekindling our friendship. I have no idea where she is.






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