Image Posting Rules

In an effort to keep the front of the site free of hardcore content and to make surfing comfortable for all, please do not use avatar images which are sexually explicit. This includes photos showing vagina or penis (hard or not).

All images of an adult nature must be of people over 18 years of age.

You are permitted to upload adult images in your photos area (sexually explicit and containing genitalia is ok) and in the designated forums, provided they do not break US Law. If you are not the image owner, you must have a legal right from the copyright owner to post any images.

Due to the closed environment and temporary nature of the chat rooms, you are allowed to post adult images that do not break US Law as long as other participants of the room do not find the images offensive.

Please do not upload images of children (under 18) anywhere on site, this is not a place to share family snapshots.
Any images of an illegal nature including beastiality, scat or minors in any sexual capacity will result in an instant site ban.

No advertising material at all should be posted on our site. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for unapproved advertising or spam. Members caught spamming will be immediately banned and their IP blocked.

If you see any images which violate these guidelines, please report the post / member via our contact form or by clicking the reporting flag next to the inappropriate content and we will take action accordingly.

Anyone caught violating these guidelines will be banned from the site at our discretion. We reserve the right to remove any images that breach these conditions, or that we deem unsuitable.