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Your Life Will Change

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This is something completely different, and I'm sad to have only recently discovered it, but at the same time delighted that I have many years to continue to enjoy it!

I read about it on Solo Touch months ago in the archives, and thought it sounded surreal, but for some reason decided to try it a few weeks ago, and it has changed my sexual life.

What is it? It's the ability to achieve a different kind of orgasm, an orgasm from the prostrate gland (where pre-cum resides), with only your own thoughts getting you there.

It took me weeks to get there, as I didn't realise what the end result would be, but now I spend hours in ecstasy, with many orgasms in the same session. You may think it's a tad unbelievable, as I did, but if you try it, and succeed, you will never make do with a 'quick wank' again.

Here's how I do it:

1. You need to have a good hour or two to yourself, and be able to really concentrate on your thoughts.

2. If you concentrate initially on the tip of your cock, and imagine you are being wanked or sucked, you will feel tingling sensations begin.

3. You will not become erect at this stage, but just keep your concentration, and enjoy the feelings.

4. If you know where it is, also try to imagine someone is stoking your prostrate, and you will feel a gentle throbbing. Again, you will not be hard yet.

5. It takes a while, but stick with it, and very slowly, several things will start to happen. You may feel a pulsing behind your balls and in your stomach and rectum, an odd feeling but very pleasant.

6. If you alternate your concentration between your cock and prostrate, you will start to ooze precum, this is a good sign(obviously).

7. After about 40 minutes( it does take a while), I tend to get small contractions from what feels like the bladder, but is in fact the prostrate, and you will actually cum within yourself, often several times, and will feel your whole stomach area tense up.Just let it happen, and keep focusing purely on how good it all feels.

8. I thought that was it initially, but that is just the start. All you have to do is to keep concentrating on the pleasure zones, and feel the sensations get more and more intense. Finally, you will start to get semi-hard (this is after 45 minutes).

9. Stick with it, and you will start to feel an almost painful, but at the same time really good feeling from your prostrate, although it will feel as though it's your bladder, and that maybe you need a pee.

10. This is where I initially tried to make myself cum semen at my first few goes, but that doesn't happen. You need to keep focusing now on your cock, and the gradual build up of pressure in it. It will start to get hard, and really feel good, you will know it when it happens.

11. Your cock will soon get very hard, and the pressure in your stomach is almost too much to bear, but keep focusing on the pressure building up in your cock.

12. Your stomach will start to spasm a little, and you will feel mini orgasm-like pulses through your cock (feels awesome). If also feels more and more like you need to pee. Relax, you won't pee yourself.

13. The best is nearly upon you, and you will actually feel liquid moving up your cock, and that you really ought to pee. Don't panic, just keep focusing on the feelings. The tip of your cock will almost burn with pleasure now.

14. Your stomach, prostrate, and cock will all now feel amazingly sensitive. At this point, as I always do when nearing normal orgasm, I play with my nipples, and that sends me over the edge.

15. Your moment arrives, and you will cum. Your cock will be as hard as is possible, and you will ejaculate a stream of pre-cum. It doesn't spurt, but pours out. The amount is fairly copious, sometimes as much as a normal cum.

16. Your fun is just beginning though. At this point you can so easily make it happen again as many times as you want, until you are either empty or exhausted, or both. It becomes so intense that your whole body will shake, and I even become literally dizzy,as my head throbs. I cannot do it just justice in words, only to say it feels as if your entire body is cumming, and you are floating away from your body.

17. To finish off, as your balls will be aching at this point, I have a normal wank, using my own supply of precum as a lubricant, and have the most explosive orgasms I have ever had. Finally, you will need a pee, and even this feels good.

I realise this all sounds surreal. How can you do this just by thought? I had the same doubts, but tried it anyway, and it really isn't difficult. The key is to focus on the pleasure, and don't let your mind wander.

I hope you will try for yourself, as you would discover the best sex there is, better than any other act you've ever had performed on you!

Feedback on this site on your experiences, and we could start a new male global phenomenon.

Best wishes.



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