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Young Sibling Experiences

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My sister and I were born five years apart; I being the older. We also had a brother who was right between us age wise. The three of us, plus our parents, grew up in Northern California during the 50's and the 60's in a very traditional Catholic home.

I really do not know whether our childhood sexual activities were normal or not and one of the reasons I am posting this is to find out the extent to which others have done similar things. To this day, my memories of these times get me very excited and, in retrospect, were some of the most erotic activities of my life. The activities we engaged in were child play and I am not embellishing them or exaggerating them at all.

My penis became an important part of my life. I went to a Catholic grade school and the girls played on one side of the playground and the boys on the other. There was actually a line on the black top which was the separator. My early memories are vague but I do recall getting glimpses up girls' jumpers as they were playing just over the 'line'. At some point in time the greater opportunity of seeing up my sister's jumper or indeed, seeing her naked, got me aroused to the point that I masturbated very often and maximized the opportunities I had.

It all started very innocently and pretty much remained that way, but sometimes I wonder just how innocent and mainstream we were.

We each had our own bedroom but our home only had one bathroom. If my sister was taking a bath it was not that unusual for me to enter the bathroom to take a crap. I can recall one time I was sitting on the toilet and my sister got out of the tub and was drying herself in front of me. I asked her to turn around, spread her legs a bit and bend over so I could see her crotch. I touched her pussy and her ass hole and she giggled. I think this was the first time I actually asked her to do something like this and it was rare when such occasions presented themselves to me. During these early years I remember going into her bedroom to 'get her up' (out of bed) often at the request of my parents. I would 'get her up' by tickling her. first under her arms, then her feet and then up her night gown where I would tickle her belly button, on her then bare armpits and, of course between her legs.

More often than not her night gown came up during the course of these ministrations and sometimes I would pull it up over her head and close it up like a big bag and tickle her all over. She would shriek and convulse uncontrollably and I found this to be extremely arousing.

When my parents were gone for the evening or even during the day at times, the three of us would play strip poker. If you lost a hand when you were totally naked you had to submit to an examination by the others for a period of time (I think it was one or two minutes I cannot recall exactly). When my sister was the examinee we really got to examine her thoroughly and I often masturbated while doing so. My sister recalls one time when I was parading around with a towel hanging on my penis. I must have been very aroused to make it that stiff and thought nothing of masturbating openly during these games. My brother and I would also tie my sister to my parents' bed and tickle her All over, often when she was naked.

As we got older, I became aware of the fact that my sister enjoyed this sexual stuff as much as I did and I became much more involved with my sister than my brother did. After school I would go to lie on my parents' bed to study. Soon it became a habit for my sister to join me. My parents' bedroom was in the back of the house and I guess we must have been very sensitive to others in the house approaching the room and we closed the door. I do not remember ever being caught. She would either be in her school jumper or, if later, in her night gown and we always messed around on the bed. I remember always telling her that her panties would leave ugly 'panty lines' as a ploy for her to remove them. The most frequent activity I recall was me simply lying down on the bed masturbating with my face in her crotch examining her ass and her pussy. Once I got off, my interest waned and I would cover her up and we would study for a half hour or so until I got horny again and we would go at it again. The jumper or the night gown made access easy and a quick cover up possible if footsteps approached.

Late at night I would sometimes sneak into her room with a flash-light and examine her under the covers. She occasionally would come into my bedroom late at night and place my hand on her ass over her nightgown so I could feel that she had removed her panties. Then she would get into my bed and I would masturbate her as well as myself. I do not recall her ever masturbating me. Whenever we went on family automobile trips we would always manage to sleep next to each other and I would masturbate her and myself. On long family trips in the car in the back seat I often had the opportunity to masturbate her under her dress without anyone else knowing especially when it was dark. I would usually get off simply by grinding against her while she laid over my lap.

We had numerous other adventures and if this generates some interest, I may issue a follow up account. We never had intercourse and these sort of activities ended some time ago when we each had our own significant others. The memories however are wonderful and we are still close and talk about these times occasionally.



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