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Young Ones, I Know How You Feel

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Young Ones, I know how you feel...
I was recently skimming through this website when some childhood memories flooded back to me. First I remembered being around thirteen when I actually discovered masturbation. Of course, I felt SO guilty about it and thought that I was the only person in the world that did it! But fear not: you aren't alone. And, girls, don't think that guys are the only ones that do it, because obviously they aren't!
The second memory came floating back when I read one of the testimonies saying that shampoo bottles help. Well, I remember being about 2-6 years old (all through that time because I did it OFTEN) when it happened. See, my parents kept this plastic basket filled with toys to play with while in the tub and in it were washed out shampoo bottles. I remember sticking the little part at the top, where the cap screwed on, into me and waiting for it to make a suction cup and them pop out! That has to be one of my best childhood memories, and I am so surprised that I actually remembered it. This just shows that even when we are kids we have a certain interest for the inner realms of our bodies, even though we have no clue what it is and no clue that people think it is "immoral."
My second memory is a little more disgusting, so bear with me. I remember waking up one morning to my cat licking my clitoris. It felt SO good and I had my first orgasm. This was so weird for me because I had no idea what it was.
Eventually, I began to experiment on my own with my fingers trying to reach that certain pleasure spot and eventually found it. I really enjoy (to this day in my 18th year of age) laying naked on my bed and making circular or back and forth motions on the clitoris and massaging my breasts to reach an orgasm. As with the other ladies, I enjoy teasing myself. Although I have never really had much sexual experience with a man, I love to kiss guys and have them massage my breasts for me. I for one am not keen on oral sex, and pretty much refuse to give it. However, I guess this makes me kinda greedy, I think I would greatly enjoy getting it. This doesn't mean I am lesbian, although I have had a few thoughts...
My basic message is to the young people out there: don't be afraid of it! YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE DOING IT!!! If you like it, keep doing it. There is nothing wrong with it, trust me. ---Jordan




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