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Young Fantasy Cums True

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I have always been turned on by small dicks, and finally got a chance to fulfill my fantasy!


I tend to masturbate every other day, a lot of the time to these male male stories. While reading these stories I can picture my friend Landon, a small funny blonde hair blue eyes guy about 5 feet 7 inches. We were both 15 at the time and I was able to cum since 13. Since then, I spent a lot of my time masturbating imagining us doing it mutually. Finally it came true.

On the weekend, I went over to my friend Landon's house. We went swimming in his pool and then in his hot tub. Looking like a small guy I imagined he had a small dick and this always turned me on. It was very hard for me not to have to go rub one out when I saw him in his tight little bathing suit. In the hot tub, the jets were on and I accidentally brushed my hand over his penis. This was truly accidental and we laughed it off. We never took this seriously and I think it is what we both wanted.. we just didn't know how to ask each other.

Neither of us are gay but I tend to think of myself as curious. I am interested in girls but what's wrong with comparing yourself to other guys. At night, we were watching a movie before we went to sleep for our sleepover. I decided it was time to make a move. I had come up with many ways but I decided this way would be the best.

I got up out of the covers and walked over to my bag and grabbed my p.j.'s. Taking off my pants shirt and underwear I was completely nude so he could see my butt. I then bent over to pick my pajamas up off the floor so he could see my ass and then turned around and faced him with my already hard cock staring straight at him. And it worked! He looked right at it. I said 'HEY! I saw that.. you were looking at me change'. This was perfect he didn't know what to say. I said 'it's fine if you look at mine but only if I get to see yours.'

I could tell he was a bit resistant so I went over and put my hand on his leg moving it slowly up towards his crotch saying 'are you nervous? Ahaha wimp cmon'. To my surprise and deep pleasure he threw the covers off and was already in just his tighty whitey underwear and yup! with a small little tent in his undies.

Landon was soo hot hence why I fantasized about him. He was cute and I wanted to see his small dick... it turned me on for whatever reason. He's funny and touchy but best of all is his ass.

So at this point I wanted to finally see his dick I had long anticipated so I slowly dropped my pjs in a kind of seductive way and watched and he did the same! There it was his dick already hard as could be sticking up about 4.5 inches into the air. Some hair around the base and such a smooth ballsack. I started stroking my own 6.5 incher and wanted him to make the first move. We were both staring at each other stroking our own when he said 'lets switch' and softly grabbed my dick and moved up and down slowly making me harder than I had ever been. I lay back and he straddled my legs sitting on top of me going up and down and bouncing that ass off my legs. I was ready to blow already. I took my hands and grabbed his firm butt cheeks and squeezed moaning 'harder ... ugh I'm ready to cum' and when I did so he bent down and sucked me until I came in his mouth and all over his face. I just had my best orgasm ever and still couldn't believe this was happening but my cum all over his face turned me on soooooo much and I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Then Landon lay back and winked while he said 'my turn.'

I straddled him the same way he straddled me caressing his tight ball sack and watching his eyes roll back in his head. As I stroked up and down I gave a few licks to the tip of his head and he started to moan very quietly. Although this story is so far so good, the best part is still to cum. As I stroked his small little skinny cock which turned me on oh so much, I slid my hand under his ass laying on the couch and felt his crack. An idea popped into my mind. I could slide a finger inside and await his reaction. And that's just what I did. Taking my middle finger I reached up and stuck it up his tight young boy ass while rubbing him out faster than ever. He said 'ohhhhhhh oh greg omg wow don't stop don't stop'. My dick was still hard with cum oozing out the top so I took some of my cum and used it as a lube for Landon. This worked perfectly as just a moment later there was cum all over his chest and mine. I slid my fingers out of his ass and rolled him over staring at that beautiful tight little boy ass I had just fingered. Then again, looking at his small cock, I was soo glad that everything turned out. He felt my cock and this continuous rubbing continued for the rest of the night.

My fantasy turned out to be more than I had even expected. We continued to do this about seven more times at sleepovers and one risky time in his pool with jets and in the shower... but that's for another time



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