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Yoga Pants

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I have a weakness for yoga pants!


I was writing a paper for class that I did not want to do and was getting drained mentally. I've been at it for a few hours when Emma walks in wearing a sports bra and very tight light blue yoga pants! She looked gorgeous, a camel toe in front she went to the fridge and bent down giving me a nice view of her ass, she turns around with a bottle of water she giggles "See anything you like?" I admiringly nod, she walks over then bends at the waist her lips just inches away from mine I lean in when she smacks the table "You got work to do baby!" as she pulls away "Ah! You're nothing but a big tease!" A smug look on her face as she walks into the living room and puts a yoga DVD in.

Frustrated, I tried to focus and continue writing taking little glances at her beautiful ass, I was getting a little excited. Bored from writing, her just a few feet from me, and her yoga poses looking more and more erotic, my sexual appetite took hold of me. Her facing away from me doing a half bend I stealthily got up from my chair and got behind her. She bent down and I started caressing her ass, she started laughing "What do you think you're doing Missy!?" When she tried getting back up I placed my hand on her back "Get on your knees for me." She giggles "No, you got work to do and I'm trying to relax!" I grin "Look at the TV" She looks at the TV. She lowers her head and knees in defeat.

The next position had her on her knees as well, so there was no arguing. Her, on all fours, I start giggling while I'm rubbing her butt "Stop! I'm trying to do yoga!" I didn't care what she said or wanted, I wasn't going to stop. I lightly bit her butt cheek as I smacked the other cheek she bounced and inhaled sharply. I start kissing her through her pants starting from her butt down to her pussy, she lets out little moans. I rubbed her pussy through her pants she lifts her ass in reaction to this. Moaning with each rub I start to remove her pants all the way down to her knees. Gawking at her beautiful wet pussy I kiss her cheeks getting ever closer to her pussy.

Licking one of my fingers I start circling her anus while I licked all around her pussy. She gasps as my finger moves slowly in and out and whines as I lick. I deliberately move my tongue slowly from her clit to the bottom of her pussy making sure my tongue gets every single crevice wet, she moans loudly in pure satisfaction. Taking my finger out of her ass I get on top of her placing my clit right above her ass, wrapping my arm around to reach her clit she starts rolling her hips into my clit. Moaning in pleasure I start rubbing faster, her hips circle faster, I slowed my rubbing she slowed down.

She takes her sports bra off letting her tits fall I take my other hand starts pulling on her nipple and rubbing faster she whines and whimpers as she starts rocking and rolling her hips "I'm about to cum!" I say and with exhausted tone "Me too babe!" I start rubbing faster and start humping her as she rolls her hips my pussy explodes and starts dribbling juices onto her butt which must have sent her over the edge.

She starts shaking and her pussy squirts all over the carpet as she slowly starts to fall taking me with her. Laying next to each other catching our breath she looks at me and gives me a deep loving kiss "Okay, you've had your fun now go finish your paper." I giggle "Okay" I stumble up and went back to work with a clear head and a happy body while she just laid there for a while until she went and took a shower. I hope you've enjoyed yourself like I have!



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