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Wrong Place - Lovely Cum!

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Only recently discovered Solo Touch in all its wonder! Reading about people who do it in unusual places struck a chord with me-literally.


Having decided when I was 14 that I wanted to learn the church organ, I had no idea just how many hours of practice was involved and somehow hadn't realised that this could NOT be done at home. It had to be in church-and most churches are not known for their warmth. Sometimes the heating is only put on for Sunday morning-and even then if there is snow on the ground!

But with exams (and Christmas) coming, I had no choice. Lots of music to learn, both for services and the bloody exams!

I had smuggled a small heater into the organ loft with me, and I have to admit, that being shielded at my back by a large tapestry, the heater soon warmed the organ console up nicely.

It was about 8:30 on 21 December. I was still going, but my mind was less and less on the music. At one point, I had to reach far to my right with my right foot for a pedal note, and that is when I noticed-my scent! You know, that unmistakable scent of arousal. I stopped playing and just sat there, accompanied only by the hum of the organ blower some 40 feet below me. I didn't close my legs, I just let my mind explore myself, and there was no doubt, I was wet.

Being alone in that massive church was both scary and arousing at the same time. I strained my ears to listen, but I knew I was there quite alone (I had locked myself in, after all!)

I flicked my skirt up and looked at my wet knickers. For a moment or two I wondered about masturbating back at home and that made me wonder-what if I did it right here?

I got off the organ and stood up. The heavy tapestry was much taller than me and in my warm little place, I took off my my skirt, jumper and stripped to my underwear. If anything could have made me MORE wet, that did! I was almost naked in a massive, unlit church. And that made me wonder-what if I WAS naked? Off came the bra and knickers.

I allowed myself the briefest of touches, my boobs, my tummy, and just a slight touch of my clit. In that moment, I decided I would masturbate here in church. And that made me wonder-what if I did it IN that huge, black place?

I crept down the staircase to the door that leads into the church. Closing it behind me, I walked through the cold air feeling it sting my already hard nipples. For about ten minutes, I lived out the most wonderful fantasy-a virgin being pursued through a church by monks intent on raping her. (yeah, always had a rape fantasy)

I ran from pew to pew, from side chapel to side chapel before, I allowed myself to fall onto the thick carpet area in one of the side chapels now used as a library. I lay on a bean-bag cushion, spread my legs and masturbated to several very LOUD orgasms. I even uttered filthy words right there.

I walked back to the organ feeling like a total whore-and loving it!

I jilled off twice more in my warm little cave with only the organ pipes to see me.

Then, my fingers still sticky with me, I finished my practice-STILL NAKED. When I got off the instrument, the bench was slick with my wetness and the keys had my stickiness on them too.

I thought of the next morning, when the sub-organist would be sitting in my mess, and his fingers would have my pussy on them. If only he knew!

I've learned a whole new set of risks to take now. My next plan is for someone to 'catch' me.



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