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Wrestling With Cousin

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Reading the story about the person who wrestled with their sister reminded me of wrestling with my cousin some 45+ years ago. I was spending the week with my aunt, uncle and their two daughters, my first cousins. Carol was my age, 14. Her little sister Ellen was 12. One day I was wrestling with Carol and I touched her on her crotch with my hand and she said something like, 'That is dirty and we should not do that.' She was and still is kind of a prude.

So I figured if I could not have fun with her I would try it with Ellen. Naturally Ellen was thrilled that I wanted to spend time with her. We would hide from Carol and I told Ellen that I liked playing with her much better than Carol. She loved the attention I was giving her. After about one day of me spending all my time with Ellen, Carol stopped bugging us and went about her business. That left me and Ellen to do just about anything we wanted to do.

We were in her room wrestling when I first touched her crotch. She looked at me with a surprise look on her face, but smiled really big. So I got bolder and touched her again. By that afternoon Ellen was letting me put my hand under her shorts and panties and play with her pussy. She had just a little blonde hair beginning to grow on her pubic area. The next day Ellen was feeling my dick through my pants and before the second day was over she was taking my dick out and playing with it. The third day of our playing Ellen and I really had a ball. Carol went to spend the day with a friend of hers so Ellen and I had the entire day to ourselves. Ellen's mom was there but she never bothered us.

We spent the entire day playing with each other. I showed Ellen how to jack me off. Talk about thrilled! When I shot my first load of cum Ellen was the happiest little girl in the world realizing that she had the power to literally control me like that and make me cum. I tried all morning to get Ellen to cum but she could not have an orgasm. It would feel good and her pussy would get soaking wet but she didn't cum. That afternoon she wanted to try it again so she took her panties off and lay down and spread her legs for me to play with her pussy. That afternoon Ellen had her first orgasm. When it was over she grabbed me and kissed me on the lips for the longest time.

Before the week was over, Ellen and I were cumminng all over the place. We had a ball for the rest of the week before I had to leave. I really hated to leave. For one reason or another, I never had the opportunity to spend much time with Ellen until we were grown up. I would see her at family reunions and before you know it we were both grown up, married to other partners and having children. It was not until I was 50 and Ellen was 48 that we were alone together for any length of time. I was visiting in the city where she lived and her husband was out of town. We got together one night and I finally brought up the subject of what we did that long summer ago. She admitted that she thought of it often when she and her husband were having sex.

I said I had always wanted to try it again and she agreed. We stripped totally naked and spent almost an hour admiring each other's bodies. To try and make it like it happened all those years ago we actually got down on the floor, which is where we spent a lot of time playing when we were kids. We lay on the floor and masturbated each other. I played with her pussy until she had a couple of orgasms. Ellen then sat up and jacked my already hard dick until I shot cum all over her tits and belly. We then got in her bed and did something we had never done before but I will not go into that here. Ellen, if you by chance read this, it's been 10 years and I am ready to do it again.



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