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I am in high school and my brother is a freshman. My brother has been a wrestler since he was seven or eight years old. When we were younger, I would practice with him. Once I hit around 12 years old, I stopped wrestling with him. I was starting to develop and it would hurt to wrestle with him because of how tender my growing breasts were. As I got older, I thought about wrestling with him again, but I always felt like it would be too awkward. Besides, he had wrestling practice three days a week after school. I figured that he got enough practice.

One evening, my parents had gone out for a fancy dinner related to my mother's job. This left me and Michael (my brother) home alone. This was not unusual. We generally behaved, often kept to ourselves but occasionally watched tv together or chatted on the couch. This particular night, I was sitting on the couch reading a book. Michael came in from the kitchen and plopped down on the opposite end of the couch. I set my book down.

'What's up?' I asked.

'I have a really big wrestling tournament next week, and I need a little extra practice. I was wondering if maybe you could help me practice here at home, you know, like we used to.' He said.

I thought about it, and actually found the idea kinda hot. Rolling around on the ground with my rather attractive 15 year old brother, 'accidentally' groping each other. 'Sure, just let me change real quick.' I replied, hopping up and heading to my room.

I had been wearing jeans and a cute top that day. I stripped completely naked and changed from my plain white cotton panties and plain bra, into a hot pink thong and the matching push-up bra. Then I threw on a pair of black short shorts and a tight white tank top. If Michael said anything about the pink bra that could be clearly seen through my shirt, I would just lie and say that I had been wearing it all day and I didn't want to dirty another bra.

I returned downstairs to find Michael had moved the couch and coffee table to give us more room. He was stretching. I joined him and I noticed him eyeing my outfit. His eyes were checking out my legs and stomach and flicked quickly up to my boobs and then back to my legs. We finished stretching and looked at each other.

'Do you remember the positions?' He asked.

'Of course!' I exclaimed.

We got into position with Michael under me. I coundted to three and we started wrestling. I was doing better than I expected myself to do for it being my first time in so long, however Michael won with only a small struggle. We assumed the starting position again, only I was under Michael this time. I put up as much of a fight as I could. While we were wrestling his hand was pressed tightly on the outside of my right breast. I appeared to ignore it, and he was ignoring it too, but inside it was making my nipples harden under my pink bra. Eventually, I lost again.

'You up for more?' Michael asked me.

'Hell yeah, bring it.' I replied.

We assumed the starting position yet again, Michael under me. We started wrestling. This time, Michael's hand was on my ass and slowly creeping more and more toward my vagina. It appeared to be an accident on his part, but I couldn't help gasp when his finger brushed against my clit. He pulled his hand away, apologising like crazy.

'It's fine. It happens.' I assured him.

We got into the starting position again, me under Michael, and I could feel his dick hardening against me. I pretended not to notice and we started wrestling. As we continued on, he was getting harder and harder. I moved myself in such a way that caused my tank top to move down, so that it was sitting under the cups of my bra. I moved my hand toward Michael's hard cock. I placed it there and pressed, and he gasped this time. Only I didn't pull away. I pressed myself closer to him and continued to apply pressure to his boner.

'God Dianne, don't!' He said.

I stopped. We looked at each other, my shirt still falling and his hard on obvious.

'Please?' I whispered.

He pulled me back toward him and removed my tank top. I began to pull his tee shirt over his head, and he began to slide my shorts off. 'Let's go to the couch.' He suggested.

We both got up and sat down on the couch. I reached around behind my back and started to unclasp my bra. Michael slid his shorts and boxers off all at once, and his cock stuck straight up. It was my first time seeing him naked in years. For a 15 year old, it was a pretty decent size. I reached out and began to stroke it slowly and gently. He sighed contently. I continued stroking him and gradually began to speed up and get rougher. After only two or three minutes he said, 'Dianne, I'm gonna cum.' I continued stroking and I felt his dick spasm. His whole body tensed up and he bagan squirting his cum all over his chest and stomach. I held his cock while he finished cumming.

When he was done, he came over to me and slid his hand into my thong. 'I've never done this for a girl before.' He whispered. I guided his fingers into my vagina and showed him how I liked to be finger fucked. Then I showed him how to rub my clit. He was a pretty fast learner and soon I was laying back writhing in pleasure and moaning out as I came. When it was over, we sat there naked, looking at each other. His dried cum was still on his stomach and chest.

We now meet once or twice a week and I help him practice some wrestling, and then when we're done, we'll go up to his room and masturbate each other. It is nice to be able to masturbate with someone else in a non-threatening and no pressure environment.



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